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Top 10 Nick Vujicic Quotes (BEST)

  1. If I fail, I try again, and again, and again
  2. When you can't get a miracle, you can still be a miracle for someone else.
  3. You don't know what God can do with your broken pieces until you give God your broken pieces.
  4. If God can use a man without arms and legs to be His hands and feet, then He will certainly use any willing heart!
  5. I have the choice to be angry at God for what i don't have, or be thankful for what i do have
  6. The greater the struggle the more glorious the triumph
  7. I believe if God doesn't give you a miracle, you are a miracle of God for somebody else's salvation.
  8. Defeat happens only to those who refuse to try again.
  9. In life you have a choice: Bitter or Better? Choose better, forget bitter.
  10. Wives don't need a good provider, they need a Godly man who will help them trust in The Provider - God!!

Nick Vujicic Short Quotes

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  • I am gonna try again and again, because the moment I give up, is the moment I fail.
  • You have arms and legs, but don't know what to do with your lives.
  • If you’re not happy single, your not gonna be happy married.
  • We all start with zero. We all start at the beginning. Do not give up.
  • If you're looking for happiness in things, you'll never find it.
  • I was never crippled until I lost hope.
  • Your son and your daughter needs an excellent father more than an excellent college.
  • You can be happy in any circumstances, you simply need to believe in God.
  • I don't care what job you get. I care about if you put people down or raise people up.
  • Just because I don't understand god's plans does not mean that he is not with me.

Nick Vujicic Quotes On Life

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Risk, then, is not just part of life. It is life. The place between your comfort zone and your dream is where life takes place. It's the high-anxiety zone, but it's also where you discover who you are. — Nick Vujicic

I encourage everyone to know that God has a plan for their life and that God never makes a mistake even though it seems like He is not listening or paying attention sometimes. — Nick Vujicic

Don't put your life on hold so that you can dwell on the unfairness of past hurts. — Nick Vujicic

Focus on your dream and do everything in your power. You have the power to change your life circumstances. — Nick Vujicic

At my funeral, if one said, 'Nick was a generous person,' trust me I won't be doing cartwheels in my coffin. Recognition from people is never and never will be a goal. Some people strive for that respect or honor. Living a life to just reach for the position and status is vanity and sin. — Nick Vujicic

LIFE is WORTH LIVING when you find PURPOSE. — Nick Vujicic

Hope and purpose in this world is living as best as you can and maybe having life that gives back. But simply giving back isn't purpose; it's a branch of purpose, but it is not the trunk or root of the tree. — Nick Vujicic

I love my life, because I’ve seen my purpose. — Nick Vujicic

Whether your life is happy or not is your own choice. — Nick Vujicic

This life is full of great experiences if we only give it a shot. — Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic Quotes On God

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I honestly didn't think miracles could ever come from my broken pieces, and I was disabled in fear that my dreams would always remain as dreams. Don't give up on you. Don't give up on God. Don't give up on love. — Nick Vujicic

I found happiness when I realized that as imperfect as I may be, I am the perfect Nick Vujicic. I am God's creation, designed according to His plan for me. That's not to say there isn't room for improvement. I'm always trying to be better so I can better serve Him and the world! — Nick Vujicic

I just hope people see that if God can do something beautiful with my broken pieces, then God truly has a plan for each and everyone of us. — Nick Vujicic

Faith is walking by faith, not by what you feel. You are not always going to feel that Jesus loves you or that God is good, but you know He is. It is the up and down of the journey. — Nick Vujicic

We know that God works for all things together for the good of those who love Him and that God is faithful. We will fail God, we will fail our family and our family might fail us at times, but God never fails us. — Nick Vujicic

Hope is in the name of God, the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hope is when you compare your suffering to the infinite, immeasurable love and grace of God. — Nick Vujicic

We know that God is in control and we all have ups and downs and fears and uncertainty sometimes. Sometimes even on an hourly basis we need to keep praying and keep our peace in God and remind ourselves on the promises of God that never fails. — Nick Vujicic

I just share my story in hopes that some people out there who have gone through different circumstances might be encouraged and inspired that even in their circumstances to know that there is nothing God can't change. — Nick Vujicic

In life, if you don't know the truth, then you can't be free, because then you'll believe that the lies are the truth. But once we realize that when we read the Word of God, and you know the truth of who you are, then I'm not a man without arms and legs. I am a child of God. — Nick Vujicic

When God doesn't change a circumstance, He can change our hearts in knowing that He can change all things for the good. — Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic Quotes On Disability

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I never met a bitter person who was thankful. Or a thankful person who was bitter. — Nick Vujicic

Pain is Pain. Broken is Broken. FEAR is the Biggest Disability of all. And will PARALYZE you More Than Being in a Wheelchair. — Nick Vujicic

If I fail, I try again, and again, and again. If YOU fail, are you going to try again? The human spirit can handle much worse than we realize. It matters HOW you are going to FINISH. Are you going to finish strong? — Nick Vujicic

Fear is a bigger disability than having no arms and no legs. — Nick Vujicic

I'm officially disabled, but I'm truly enabled because of my lack of limbs. My unique challenges have opened up unique opportunities to reach so many in need. — Nick Vujicic

The challenges in our lives are there to STRENGTHEN our CONVICTIONS. They are NOT there to run us over. — Nick Vujicic

I think emotional and mental pain is probably worse than physical pain. I think we don't realize that I have no arms or legs but we all have disabilities of some sort, some fear, some lost, some wishes that didn't come true, things we wish would be better. — Nick Vujicic

... for every disability you have, you are blessed with more than enough abilities to overcome your challenges. — Nick Vujicic

If the world thinks you're not good enough, it's a lie, you know. Get a second opinion. — Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic Quotes On Inspirational

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I have the blessing of bringing the message of hope and inspiration about my life, how God has changed my life from a life without limbs to a life without limits. — Nick Vujicic

Motivation gets you through the day, but inspiration lasts a lifetime. — Nick Vujicic

To wish for change will change nothing; To make the decision to take action right now will change everything. — Nick Vujicic

I found the purpose of my existence, and also the purpose of my circumstance. There's a purpose for why you're in the fire. — Nick Vujicic

If you can't get a miracle, become one. — Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic Famous Quotes And Sayings

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When I was 8 years old, I became depressed. I kept asking why I was born this way [without arms and legs]. I also worried about my future. At the age of 10, I tried to commit suicide because I felt like giving up. But when I imagined my loving parents crying at my grave, I decided to stay. — Nick Vujicic

I will try one hundred times to get up, and if I fail one hundred times. If I fail and I give up, will I ever get up? No! If I fail I’ll try again, and again and again. But I want to tell you it’s not the end. — Nick Vujicic

Dream big, my friend, and never give up. We all make mistakes, but none of us are mistakes. Take one day at a time. Embrace the positive attitudes, perspectives, principles and truths I share, and you, too, will overcome. — Nick Vujicic

The greatest rewards come when you give of yourself. It's about bettering the lives of others, being part of something bigger than yourself, and making a positive difference. — Nick Vujicic

Keep moving ahead because action creates momentum, which in turn creates unanticipated opportunities. — Nick Vujicic

We can't, and we should not, compare sufferings. We come together as a family of God, hand in hand. And then together coming and standing upon the promises of God, knowing that no matter who you are, no matter what you're going through, that God knows it, He is with you, He is going to pull you through. — Nick Vujicic

I may have absolutely no control over what happens to us, but we can control how we respond. If we choose the right attitude, we can rise above whatever challenges we face. — Nick Vujicic

Often people ask how I manage to be happy despite having no arms and no legs. The quick answer is that I have a choice. I can be angry about not having limbs, or I can be thankful that I have a purpose. I chose gratitude. — Nick Vujicic

Once you accept that perfection is just a goal, screwing up isn't so hard to handle. Each misstep is still a step, another lesson learned, another opportunity to get it right the next time. — Nick Vujicic

Bullies want to abuse you. Instead of allowing that, you can use them as your personal motivators. Power up and let the bully eat your dust. — Nick Vujicic

If you aren’t where you want to be or you haven’t achieved all you hope to achieve, the reason most likely resides not around you but within you. Take responsibility and then take action. — Nick Vujicic

Yet I also believe that when you do unto others, blessings come to you as well. So if you don't have a friend, be a friend. If you are having a bad day, make someone else's day. If your feelings are hurt, heal those of another. — Nick Vujicic

... to keep moving up ... , you have to abandon the security of that ledge and reach for another hold. Letting go of that sense of security.. is the challenge. ... think of yourself as climbing a ladder. To move to the next rung, you must give up your grip and reach for the next one. — Nick Vujicic

I don't care if you are a good mathematician, or a good athletic, or not good at anything- that you think. But I'm gonna come and tell you that you're awesome the way you are. — Nick Vujicic

The joy of the Lord is my strength, knowing that He is with me, knowing that He will never leave me, knowing that He is bigger than any circumstance, and that He loves us. It's not about Nick being happy but Nick's trust in God. It is not that everything is going smoothly. It is not that Nick never cries or Nick is never fearful anymore. — Nick Vujicic

We easily become trapped in the 'someday' mentality. Someday I'll have all the money I need to enjoy life. Someday I'll be able to spent more time with my family. Someday I'll have time to relax and do what i love doing. — Nick Vujicic

The pinnacle of the fulfillment I can ever experience for my spirit and soul is to hear from the Lord, when I see Him face to face, 'Well done my good and faithful servant.' — Nick Vujicic

I think 'Jesus' is the most offensive word in anyone's life. When we mention Jesus, He is the only one who says 'I am God. I am holy. I am the only way to a truthful life.' No one - not Mohammad, not Buddha, not anyone says that they were holy, not anyone says that they were God, not anyone says that they faced the devil face to face and won. — Nick Vujicic

Here is the difference between hope with Jesus and hope without Jesus. Hope without Jesus is waiting for your position or circumstance to change. To be waiting and hoping that someday things aren't how they are now. There is nothing wrong with waiting for a miracle, but some miracles don't always come. Life without Jesus is a life without purpose. — Nick Vujicic

When you allow circumstances beyond your control to determine your attitude and actions, you risk plunging into a downward spiral of hasty decisions and faulty judgments, to overreacting, giving up too soon, and missing those opportunities that always - always - appear just when you think life will never get better. — Nick Vujicic

What really matters are the lives you touch along the way and how you finish your journey. — Nick Vujicic

I'm the world 'Guinness Book of Records' holder of 1,749 hugs in one hour. My arms fell off. — Nick Vujicic

The victory is when I realize that I can't do it on my own. — Nick Vujicic

I am God's creation ,designed according to His plan for me :))) — Nick Vujicic

Do your best and God will do the rest. — Nick Vujicic

If you have the desire and passion to do something, and it's within God's will, you will achieve it. — Nick Vujicic

The day you think you have reached your fullest potential is the day that you havn't. — Nick Vujicic

God won't allow anything happen in your life if it's not for your good. — Nick Vujicic

Everybody loves winning, but we should not linger on the difference between winning and losing... But Is losing failing? — Nick Vujicic

It's a lie to think you're not good enough. It's a lie to think you're not worth anything. — Nick Vujicic

It is not to say that everything is fine and a positive attitude is all you need. But I share about values and principles and attitudes and I never tell people I understand their pain. — Nick Vujicic

You can't always trust your emotions. You can't always trust your feelings. And I'm not talking about pain but I'm talking about more about life issues where something happens to you or somebody says something to you or somebody said nothing to you and you're waiting for them to say something to you. — Nick Vujicic

The greatest news that I could ever say is that Jesus is Lord and Savior of my life. He is my friend. He is with me wherever I go. I'm so delighted to continue to grow in my relationship to Jesus. — Nick Vujicic

Whether your life is happy or not is your own choice. Many people think I can't live a normal life because I don't have arms or legs. I could choose to believe that and give up trying. I could stay at home and wait for others to take care of me. Instead, I choose to believe that I can do anything, and I always try to do things my own way. I choose to be happy. I am happy because I am always thankful. — Nick Vujicic

I preach with the hope that whoever is inspired, encouraged, intrigued, curious by my life on any level, whether it be parents saying they showed my video to their kids because they were complaining. It is the hope that that parent will go a bit deeper and know that ultimately Nick actually puts his hope into something bigger than himself. He puts it in Jesus Christ. — Nick Vujicic

We are put in situations to build our character... not destroy us. — Nick Vujicic

I think bullies are very lonely people. I always tell teenagers not to bully others because it's unacceptable. We need to teach students to value themselves and to not put others down. — Nick Vujicic

As long as I try, there’s always a chance of getting up. It’s not the end until you give up. — Nick Vujicic

Don't give up on God, because God will not give up on you. — Nick Vujicic

... God gave you just one mouth but He gave you two ears, so you should listen twice as much as you speak — Nick Vujicic

You do not know what you can achieve until you try. — Nick Vujicic

I encourage you to accept that you may not be able to see a path right now, but that doesn't mean it's not there. — Nick Vujicic

We know that there must be a purpose out there. But for us to actually live according to that purpose, we need to first look for it. To actually look for it, you need to start believing in something you can't see yet. That is faith. Faith is...Full Assurance In The Heart. — Nick Vujicic

You can't even stand without risking to fall. — Nick Vujicic

Some injuries heal more quickly if you keep moving. — Nick Vujicic

You can either be angry for what you don't have or thankful for what you do have. Do your best and God will do the rest. — Nick Vujicic

The biggest temptation I believe is to feel comfortable, to feel like you've worked through all of that here on Earth, and are satisfied with this life. — Nick Vujicic

I type 40 words per minute on a normal computer with my left foot. And with two cups of coffee, I can do 53 words per minute. — Nick Vujicic

It's a form of bullying, in my opinion, to make sure that your kid gets the best grades, the best jobs and all that sort of stuff. I just want my child to be happy. I want him to do his best and trust God in the rest, but I'm not going to bully him. — Nick Vujicic

Sometimes we need to get over ourselves and actually realize that sometimes, God has a better plan. God's ways are higher than ours. — Nick Vujicic

I know for certain that miracles happen, but only for those who hang on to hope. — Nick Vujicic

One thing I gained in my life is just the need for more Jesus in my life. You never come to a place in your walk with Jesus where you feel like you've had enough. That's a dangerous feeling to have. — Nick Vujicic

Money can't heal your heart. Money can't give you purpose. I don't want arms and legs, I want purpose. I don't want arms and legs, I want peace. I don't want arms and legs, I want to be a miracle for someone else. — Nick Vujicic

I know for certain that God does not make mistakes, but he does make miracles. I am one. You are, too. — Nick Vujicic

I may not have hands to hold my wife’s hands, but I don’t need hands to hold her heart. That’s what I’m gonna hold. — Nick Vujicic

When we don't hear anything from God we just don't know exactly what He is planning and we come to different conclusions that maybe He has forgotten me, maybe He doesn't hear my prayers, maybe I'm not good enough. — Nick Vujicic

I do believe my life has no limits! I want you to feel the same way about your life, no matter what your challenges may be. As we begin our journey together, please take a moment to think about any limitations you've placed on your life or that you've allowed others to place on it. Now think about what it would be like to be free of those limitations. What would your life be if anything were possible? — Nick Vujicic

In elementary school, we all say, 'If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all.' In high school, we should say, 'If you don't have anything nice to say, shut your mouth.' So that's what I'm telling high schools all around the world. — Nick Vujicic

I'd be dishonoring God if I didn't believe I was put here on Earth to help change the world. — Nick Vujicic

I realised that I had a choice to either feel angry about not having arms and legs, or thankful for having my family, friends and my little foot. — Nick Vujicic

Sometimes you may feel like you are just about to realize your goal only to fall short. That is no reason to quit. Defeat happens only to those who refuse to try again. — Nick Vujicic

Life Lessons by Nick Vujicic

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  1. Nick Vujicic's work demonstrates the power of resilience and positivity in the face of adversity, showing that anything is possible no matter the circumstances.
  2. His work also emphasizes the importance of having a strong support network and relying on faith to help you through difficult times.
  3. Lastly, Nick Vujicic's work serves as a reminder to never give up and to make the most of every opportunity, no matter how small.

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