You go from having fun doing something to having it become your life without you realizing it. It can be weird and dark, but every single time I have a dark thought that makes me think dark about that, I tell myself, "Stop, you're stupid. This is great."

— Nicolas Jaar

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Part of why I was drawn to making dance music was convenience.

It was the type of music I could make without a band, and I wasn't interested in collaborating with anyone.


By the time I was a senior in high school, I was constantly with my headphones, just making music all the time. People were calling me a "musician", and I found that so weird.


I’ve watched Jurassic Park twice in my life – once when I was six and the second time a couple of weeks ago. It inspired me to think about how gaps in time change our way of perceiving.


Sometimes, I get in a mindset where I don't like my own music.

I hate yourself and my music because I'm doing it every day. I feel like a clown.


I don't remember explaining that I was making electronic music to anyone, but I don't remember anyone being curious about it, either.


I really feel like I came out of the water when I graduated from college, because I wasn't really aware of what was going on. If certain people tried to take advantage of me or whatever, I never really realized it until I got out of school.


I hate thinking about what I'm doing. I wish I didn't think about it at all.

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