We're not troubled at all, but I think...Well, we're Scandinavians! We're Vikings and we have a lot of blackness in our souls.

— Nina Persson

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When I met Nathan, I told my tour manager he was too good-looking for me.

I don't have a history of dating good-looking men. I've always complained that girls don't get male groupies, and now I've married the first groupie I've ever had.


Pop music is a difficult term to define.

I think about good music and bad music. Good music is good music whatever origin it comes from.


I have physical problems with listening to reggae.

It's weird, I don't know why. It doesn't fit the way my heart pounds, and I feel very bad when I hear it. I have a neighbor--she's a waitress who comes home every night at four in the morning and she plays reggae very loud. I hate that. I can't sleep and I can't wake up either to that music.


There's a great rock and roll scene in Sweden.

There are many smaller bands like ourselves that are great. Oh yes, there's a band called Eggstone, they're really good, and a band called the Soundtrack Of Our Lives, which is excellent.


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