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  1. Without music, life is a journey through a desert.
  2. It's impossible to explain to a Yankee what `tacky' is. They simply have no word for it up north, but my God, do they ever need one.
  3. I was born and raised on a Carolina sea island and I carried the sunshine of the low-country, inked in dark gold, on my back and shoulders.
  4. Happiness is an accident of nature, a beautiful and flawless aberration
  5. The most powerful words in English are, 'Tell me a story.'
  6. Here is all I ask of a book- give me everything. Everything, and don't leave out a single word.
  7. I stood face to face with the moon and the ocean and the future that spread out with all its bewildering immensity before me.
  8. The great teachers fill you up with hope and shower you with a thousand reasons to embrace all aspects of life.
  9. Each divorce is the death of a small civilization.
  10. I'd be a conservative if I'd never met any. They're selfish, mean-spirited, egocentric, reactionary, and boring.

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quote by Pat Conroy

Happiness is an accident of nature, a beautiful and flawless aberration — Pat Conroy

quote by Pat Conroy

The most powerful words in English are, 'Tell me a story.' — Pat Conroy

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  • Baseball fans love numbers. They love to swirl them around their mouths like Bordeaux wine.
  • I've always found paranoia to be a perfectly defensible position.
  • One of the greatest gifts you can get as a writer is to be born into an unhappy family.
  • Fantasy is one of the soul's brighter porcelains.
  • My wound is geography. It is also my anchorage, my port of call.
  • South Carolina is not a state; it is a cult.
  • ... silence (can) be the most eloquent form of lying.
  • Every athlete learns by theft and mimicry.
  • The mind is an intricate mechanism that can be run on the fuels of both victory and defeatism.
  • Humanity is best described as inhumanity.

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Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey. — Pat Conroy

Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends. — Pat Conroy

I meet kids now who become novelists, poets, write for the theater and movies, who were simply inspired by what they saw during the Spoleto Festival. — Pat Conroy

There is no downside to winning. It feels forever fabulous. — Pat Conroy

We old athletes carry the disfigurements and markings of contests remembered only by us and no one else. Nothing is more lost than a forgotten game. — Pat Conroy

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Teach them the quiet words of kindness, to live beyond themselves. Urge them toward excellence, drive them toward gentleness, pull them deep into yourself, pull them upward toward manhood, but softly like an angel arranging clouds. Let your spirit move through them softly. — Pat Conroy

What's important is that a story changes every time you say it out loud. When you put it on paper, it can never change. But the more times you tell it, the more changes will occur. A story is a living thing; it moves and shifts — Pat Conroy

A story is a living thing, it moves and shifts. — Pat Conroy

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Music could ache and hurt, that beautiful music was a place a suffering man could hide. — Pat Conroy

Carolina beach music," Dupree said, coming up on the porch. "The holiest sound on earth. — Pat Conroy

I was born into the century in which novels lost their stories, poems their rhymes, paintings their form, and music its beauty, but that does not mean I have to like that trend or go along with it. — Pat Conroy

I could bear the memory, but I could not bear the music that made the memory such a killing thing. — Pat Conroy

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The water was pure and cold and came out of the Apennines tasting like snow melted in the hands of a pretty girl. — Pat Conroy

It enclosed us in its laceries as we watched the moon spill across the Atlantic like wine from an overturned glass. With the light all around us, we felt secret in that moon-infused water like pearls forming in the soft tissues of oysters. — Pat Conroy

We children sat transfixed before that moon our mother had called forth from the waters. When the moon had reached its deepest silver, my sister, Savannah, though only three, cried aloud to our mother, to Luke and me, to the river and the moon, "Oh, Mama, do it again!" And I had my earliest memory. — Pat Conroy

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There is such a thing as too much beauty in a woman and it is often a burden as crippling as homeliness and far more dangerous. It takes much luck and integrity to survive the gift of perfect beauty, and its impermanence is its most cunning betrayal. — Pat Conroy

Every woman I had ever met who walked through the world appraised and classified by an extraordinary physicality had also received the keys to an unbearable solitude. It was the coefficient of their beauty, the price they had to pay. — Pat Conroy

My soul grazes like a lamb on the beauty of an indrawn tide. — Pat Conroy

But even her demons she invested with inordinate beauty, consecrated them with the dignity of her attention. — Pat Conroy

Looking around, I thought the human species was in fine shape and tried to think of something more beautiful than women and couldn't come up with a thing. The propagation of the species was a dance of total joy. — Pat Conroy

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She had so mastered the strategies of camouflage that her own history had seemed a series of well-placed mirrors that kept her hidden from herself. — Pat Conroy

I had come to a place where I was meant to be. I don't mean anything so prosaic as a sense of coming home. This was different, very different. It was like arriving at a place much safer than home. — Pat Conroy

The pursuit of greatness means that laziness has no place in your life. — Pat Conroy

Red Hook Road made me happy, and happy to be alive. It took me out of my home on the coast of South Carolina, placed me in the town along Red hook Road, and changed me the way good books always do. — Pat Conroy

The safe places could only be visited; they could only grant a momentary intuition of sanctuary. The moment always came when we had to return to our real life to face the wounds and grief indigenous to our homr by the river. — Pat Conroy

Love had always issued out of the places that hurt the most. — Pat Conroy

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Why do they not teach you that time is a finger snap and an eye blink, and that you should not allow a moment to pass you by without taking joyous, ecstatic note of it, not wasting a single moment of its swift, breakneck circuit? — Pat Conroy

American men are allotted just as many tears as American women. But because we are forbidden to shed them, we die long before women do, with our hearts exploding or our blood pressure rising or our livers eaten away by alcohol because that lake of grief inside us has no outlet. We, men, die because our faces were not watered enough. — Pat Conroy

There's no word in the language I revere more than 'teacher.' My heart sings when a kid refers to me as his teacher, and it always has. I've honored myself and the entire family of man by becoming a teacher. — Pat Conroy

quote by Pat Conroy

Happiness is an accident of nature, a beautiful and flawless aberration — Pat Conroy

quote by Pat Conroy

The most powerful words in English are, 'Tell me a story.' — Pat Conroy

I prayed hard and only gradually became aware that this fierce praying was a way of finding prologue and entrance into my own writing. This came as both astonishment and relief. When I thought God had abandoned me, I discovered that He had simply given me a different voice to praise the inexhaustible beauty of the made world. — Pat Conroy

You get a little moody sometimes but I think that's because you like to read. People that like to read are always a little fucked up. — Pat Conroy

No story is a straight line. The geometry of a human life is too imperfect and complex, too distorted by the laughter of time and the bewildering intricacies of fate to admit the straight line into its system of laws. — Pat Conroy

My mother, Southern to the bone, once told me, “All Southern literature can be summed up in these words: ‘On the night the hogs ate Willie, Mama died when she heard what Daddy did to Sister.’” She raised me up to be a Southern writer, but it wasn’t easy. — Pat Conroy

In Charleston, more than elsewhere, you get the feeling that the twentieth century is a vast, unconscionable mistake. — Pat Conroy

The University of South Carolina has always played a role in my life and the intellectual life of South Carolina. — Pat Conroy

It did not look like the work of God, but it might have represented the handicraft of a God with a joyous sense of humor, a dancing God who loved mischief as much as prayer, and playfulness as much as mischief. — Pat Conroy

Walking the streets of Charleston in the late afternoons of August was like walking through gauze or inhaling damaged silk. — Pat Conroy

I loved my parents... but that can never change the fact that my father's violence ruined my childhood. — Pat Conroy

I wanted to become the seeker, the aroused and passionate explorer, and it was better to go at it knowing nothing at all, always choosing the unmarked bottle, always choosing your own unproven method, armed with nothing but faith and a belief in astonishment. — Pat Conroy

My attraction to story is a ceaseless current that runs through the center of me. My inexhaustible ardor for reading seems connected to my hunger for storylines that show up in both books and in the great tumbling chaos of life. — Pat Conroy

Craziness attacks the softest eyes and hamstrings the gentlest flanks. — Pat Conroy

You do not learn how to write novels in a writing program. You learn how by leading an interesting life. Open yourself up to all experience. Let life pour through you the way light pours through leaves. — Pat Conroy

A recipe is a story that ends with a good meal. — Pat Conroy

Comely was the town by the curving river that they dismantled in a year's time. Beautiful was Colleton in her last spring as she flung azaleas like a girl throwing rice at a desperate wedding. In dazzling profusion, Colleton ripened in a gauze of sweet gardens and the town ached beneath a canopy of promissory fragrance. — Pat Conroy

Mama always taught her children that words were pretty, but anyone can talk. She said, pay attention to that man or woman who acted, who did, who performed. She taught us to trust in thing we could see, not that we heard. — Pat Conroy

Few things linger longer or become more indwelling than that feeling of both completion and emptiness when a great book ends. That the book accompanies the reader forever from that day forward is part of literature's profligate generosity. — Pat Conroy

I was the only person in the world who thought it was a military duty to appear to be in a good mood. — Pat Conroy

All life connects ... Nothing happens that is meaningless. — Pat Conroy

He was one of those rare men who are capable of being fully in love only once in their lives. — Pat Conroy

Paranoia has a sharper taste if the danger is real. — Pat Conroy

There are no verdicts to childhood, only consequences, and the bright freight of memory. — Pat Conroy

There are no ideas in the South, just barbecue. — Pat Conroy

I've always believed that dreams were both the love letters and the hate mail of the subconscious. — Pat Conroy

The great teachers fill you up with hope and shower you with a thousand reasons to embrace all aspects of life. I wanted to follow Mr. Monte around for the rest of my life, learning everything he wished to share of impart, but I didn't know how to ask. — Pat Conroy

Every industry is going to be affected (by the aging population). This creates tremendous opportunities and tremendous challenges. — Pat Conroy

Those wishing to be successful in the market can't ignore the boomer numbers, the wealth and spending power they have. — Pat Conroy

Rape is a crime against sleep and memory; it's afterimage imprints itself like an irreversible negative from the camera obscura of dreams. — Pat Conroy

If smallness was fortune, then I had come across a treasure, infinitesimal and beyond value. I felt lucky. You had to decide what was estimable and precious in your life and set out to find it. The objects you valued defined you. — Pat Conroy

Some things don’t mix. Some things don’t mix at all, but sometimes in life you have to take the risk. — Pat Conroy

Good coaching is good teaching and nothing else. — Pat Conroy

The children of warriors in our country learn the grace and caution that come from a permanent sense of estrangement. — Pat Conroy

My father wouldn't let me take typing in childhood. — Pat Conroy

Isn't it a shame military doctors couldn't be as good as military sunglasses? — Pat Conroy

Of the Yamacraw children, I can say little. I don't think I changed the quality of their lives significantly or altered the inexorable fact that they were imprisoned by the very circumstance of their birth. — Pat Conroy

I was born to be a point guard, but not a very good one. — Pat Conroy

She thought she brought a gift of compassion for those exhausted souls who had not received a chest portion from the people who raised them. If compassion and therapy did not work, she could always send her patients to the local pharmacy for drugs. — Pat Conroy

Her laughter was a shiny thing, like pewter flung high in the air. — Pat Conroy

When men talk about the agony of being men, they can never quite get away from the recurrent theme of self-pity. And when women talk about being women, they can never quite get away from the recurrent theme of blaming men. — Pat Conroy

We've pretended too much in our family, Luke, and hidden far too much. I think we're all going to pay a high price for our inability to face the truth. — Pat Conroy

I've never cackled with laughter at a single line I've ever written. None of it has given me pleasure. — Pat Conroy

When mom and dad went to war the only prisoners they took were the children — Pat Conroy

I don't believe in happy families. — Pat Conroy

She was one of those Southerners who knew from an early age that the South could never be more for them than a fragrant prison, administered by a collective of loving but treacherous relatives. — Pat Conroy

A story untold could be the one that kills you. — Pat Conroy

Even today, I hunt for the fabulous books that will change me utterly. I find myself happiest in the middle of a book which I forget that I am reading, but am instead immersed in a made-up life lived at the highest pitch. — Pat Conroy

Writing is the only way I have to explain my own life to myself. — Pat Conroy

Except for memory, time would have no meaning at all. — Pat Conroy

We set down feasts for each other and treated our love with tongues of fire. Our bodies were fields of wonder to us. — Pat Conroy

We wait for the tortoises to come. We wait for that lady who walks them. That’s how art works. It’s never a jackrabbit, or a racehorse. It’s the tortoises that hold all the secrets. We’ve got to be patient enough to wait for them. — Pat Conroy

Writing has never been that simple for me. — Pat Conroy

Families without songs are unhappy families. — Pat Conroy

Through sports a coach can offer a boy a secret way to sneak up on the mystery that is manhood. — Pat Conroy

... the wing of a fly is proof enough of the existence of God for me. — Pat Conroy

I think I learned about the relationship between books and life from Margaret Mitchell. — Pat Conroy

I can't pass a bookstore without slipping inside, looking for the next book that will burn my hand when I touch its jacket, or hand me over a promissory note of such immense power that it contains the formula that will change everything about me. — Pat Conroy

The fruit tasted foreign but indigenous, like sunlight a tree had changed through patience. — Pat Conroy

A library could show you everything if you knew where to look. — Pat Conroy

The world of literature has everything in it, and it refuses to leave — Pat Conroy

I was trying to unravel the complicated trigonometry of the radical thought that silence could make up the greatest lie ever told. — Pat Conroy

Do you think that Hemingway knew he was a writer at twenty years old? No, he did not. Or Fitzgerald, or Wolfe. This is a difficult concept to grasp. Hemingway didn't know he was Ernest Hemingway when he was a young man. Faulkner didn't know he was William Faulkner. But they had to take the first step. They had to call themselves writers. That is the first revolutionary act a writer has to make. It takes courage. But it's necessary — Pat Conroy

But no one walks out of his family without reprisals: a family is too disciplined an army to offer compassion to its deserters. — Pat Conroy

If not for sports, I do not think my father would have ever talked to me. — Pat Conroy

Losing prepares you for the heartbreak, setback, and the tragedy that you will encounter in the world more than winning ever can. By licking your wounds you learn how to avoid getting wounded the next time. — Pat Conroy

Good writing is the hardest form of thinking. — Pat Conroy

Basketball allowed me to revere my father without him knowing what I was up to. I took up basketball as a form of homage and mimicry. — Pat Conroy

The English language on her tongue became a smoke-screen, without her eyes changing expression in the least. — Pat Conroy

These are the quicksilver moments of my childhood I cannot remember entirely. Irresistible and emblematic, I can recall them only in fragments and shivers of the heart. — Pat Conroy

Her library would have been valuable to a bibliophile except she treated her books execrably. I would rarely open a volume that she had not desecrated by underlining her favorite sections with a ball-point pen. Once I had told her that I would rather see a museum bombed than a book underlined, but she dismissed my argument as mere sentimentality. She marked her books so that stunning images and ideas would not be lost to her. — Pat Conroy

Know this. I think you could be special if you only thought there was anything special about yourself. — Pat Conroy

Like everything else, love's not worth much without some action to back it up. — Pat Conroy

One can learn anything, anything at all, I thought, if provided by a gifted and passionate teacher. — Pat Conroy

Evil would always come to me disguised in systems and dignified by law. — Pat Conroy

Life Lessons by Pat Conroy

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  1. Pat Conroy's works emphasize the importance of family and friendship, and the power of resilience in the face of adversity.
  2. He also highlights the beauty and power of storytelling, and how it can be used to heal and to connect with others.
  3. Lastly, Conroy's writing encourages readers to embrace their unique experiences and to find strength in their own stories.

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