What is important is that I have been able to demonstrate to other women and also to Aboriginal people generally that Aboriginal people are capable of doing these things and women are capable of doing these things and Aboriginal women are capable of doing these things.

— Pat O'Shane

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I find it difficult to say I'm black first and a woman second or vice versa.

I can't make that kind of distinction. Amongst Aboriginal women I do my best to raise their consciousness both as women and as Aboriginals.


The women are the movers and shakers in the community.

..they initiate things...they keep things going.


They (the women) will always do it, it seems to me... I am woman and I am strong.


The driving thing was for me to get out of the poverty that we lived in.

.. My mother always used to say that we were as good as anyone else.


Obstacles are there to get around, climb over or scramble through.