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When people ask me which is your favourite portrait, they expect it to be Diana, or someone famous. But the answer is my dog, Puffy. They think I mean Puff Daddy. No, it is the dog. — Patrick Demarchelier

Take pictures all the time. Don't worry if you take a bad photograph; you learn more by taking a bad picture than a good one. If you don't like it, study it and figure out why you don't like it. You'll learn from your mistake. — Patrick Demarchelier

Fashion is the opposite of the real, its worst enemy. Fashion photography is subversive; it makes you believe everything is true, whereas this could not be more false. It is the opposite of a mirror, a deformation. — Patrick Demarchelier

I don't stop at my past; I like new work. I like what I'm doing tomorrow. — Patrick Demarchelier

I love my dog. Actually, the best portrait I did was of my dog. — Patrick Demarchelier

Photography is like a moment, an instant. You need a half-second to get the photo. So it's good to capture people when they are themselves. — Patrick Demarchelier

My stepfather gave me a Kodak camera when I was 17 years old. I started working at a local photo store in Le Havre, France, taking passport pictures and photographing weddings. — Patrick Demarchelier

When you're a fashion photographer, you must inspire a dream. — Patrick Demarchelier

The movie that you'll be in is a new challenge. Photography is just the shot - one day, two days - and the next day you're gone. — Patrick Demarchelier

I don't take the camera out with me. My eyes are the camera for me every day. — Patrick Demarchelier

Sex doesn't sell as well as we thought. If we would not sell the Van Gogh and Co., it would be a very serious problem. — Patrick Demarchelier

For me, the new pictures are what I'm thinking about every day. The past is the past, no? Every day is a new challenge. — Patrick Demarchelier

I love digital, but the only problem is less intimacy. People look at the screen right away. Before, nobody saw the picture before you saw the final picture. There was more privacy in a way. — Patrick Demarchelier

My dog, Puffy. The dog is the perfect portrait subject. He doesn't pose. He isn't aware of the camera. — Patrick Demarchelier

Every day is a dream, every day I spend with my wife. — Patrick Demarchelier

With Dior Haute Couture, the dream is already there. — Patrick Demarchelier

When you are a photographer, you work all the time, because your eye is the first camera. — Patrick Demarchelier

Film is not very practical. The new world goes faster, and digital is very fast. — Patrick Demarchelier

Life Lessons by Patrick Demarchelier

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  1. Patrick Demarchelier's work emphasizes the importance of light and composition in photography, teaching us to pay attention to the details in our shots.
  2. His use of color and texture also shows us how to create interesting and dynamic images, even with simple subjects.
  3. His work also demonstrates the power of collaboration between photographer and subject, reminding us that a great photograph is the result of a creative partnership.

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