I am the Empire at the end of the decadence.

— Paul Verlaine

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Here are fruits, flowers, leaves and branches, and here is my heart which beats only for you.


Tears fall in my heart As tears fall on the town.


Take eloquence and wring its neck.


London, black as crows and noisy as ducks, prudish with all the vices in evidence, everlastingly drunk, in spite of ridiculous laws about drunkenness, immense, though it is really basically only a collection of scandal-mongering boroughs, vying with each other, ugly and dull, without any monuments except interminable docks.


Sap which mounts, and flowers which thrust, Your childhood is a bower: Let my fingers wander in the moss Where glows the rosebud Let me among the clean grasses Drink the drops of dew Which sprinkle the tender flower


La musique avant toute chose.


A vast black sleep falls over my life sleep, all hope sleep, all desire.


Music before all else, and for that choose the irregular, which is vaguer and melts better into the air.


Tears fall in my heart like the rain on the town.


A poem is really a kind of machine for producing the poetic state by means of words.


The poet is a madman lost in adventure.


A flat black bug, that is London.


About Paul Verlaine

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Nationality French
Profession Poet
Birthday March 30, 1844

I like this word decadent; all shimmering and purple and gold.


Prends l'e loquence et tords-lui son cou! Take eloquence and break its neck!


The rosy hearth, the lamplight's narrow beam, The meditation that is rather dream, With looks that lose themselves in cherished looks; The hour of steaming tea and banished books; The sweetness of the evening at an end, The dear fatigue, and right to rest attained, And worshipped expectation of the night,— Oh, all these things, in unrelenting flight, My dream pursues through all the vain delays, Impatient of the weeks, mad at the days!

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