Quotes by American Actor Paul Walker

You know, all that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae. Paul Walker

I sometimes struggle, because my job is like the antithesis of what surfing is all about. Surfing's simple. It's real. Paul Walker

My philosophy is: If you can't have fun, there's no sense in doing it. Paul Walker
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I'm not the kind of guy who's taking advantage of my position. Paul Walker

I'm not afraid of anything. That's just the way I am. Paul Walker

I don't go for the flash and panache. Paul Walker

My parents never looked at my acting as a career. They saw it as a way to help provide for the household. Paul Walker

I'd like to live on horseback and just be a cowboy. Paul Walker

My motto is, you have to get in a sport a day. Paul Walker

Basically, you're selling a world as an actor, right? I mean it's like any sales person: if you believe in your product, you know your product, you sell it a lot better. Paul Walker

Attitude is attitude, whether you're a West Coast gangster or East Coast gangster, you know? Paul Walker

You know, I'm a pretty mellow guy. I'm pretty easy-going. I see everyone's perspective. Paul Walker

I used to believe in one true soul mate, but not anymore. I believe you can have a few. Paul Walker

My mom was always really healthy and cautious about her diet, so I'm not a big sugar guy. Paul Walker
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I love doing the action stuff. It's soooo much fun! Paul Walker

I live by 'Go big or go home.' That's with everything. It's like either commit and go for it or don't do it at all. I apply that to everything. I apply that to relationships, I apply that to like sports, I apply that to everything. That's what I live by. That's how I like it. Paul Walker
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My mom's hot. I mean she's old, but my mom's out of control. Paul Walker

My family's really close. Paul Walker
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My father's a protector. My father's old-school. He's a cowboy. Paul Walker

There's a lot of guys that just get comfortable with their positions and rest on their laurels. I had to earn my way. Paul Walker

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