Don't waste another moment crying over what went wrong! If it wasn't a blessing - it was a lesson.

— Paula White

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Anyone who tells you to deny yourself is from Satan.


Champions have the courage to keep turning the pages because they know a better chapter lies ahead.


God takes what the enemy meant for your bad and turns it for your good! It wasn't a set back but a set up! Wait and see what God is getting ready to do for you!


Your future is found in your daily routine. Successful people do daily what others do occasionally!


By your words, you form your destiny - what you say within yourself determines the end promise of your life! Your future lives in your mouth!


Remember, when something leaves your life, God is making room for something much better to enter! Get ready!


Don't let your history hinder you from your destiny.

.. you are only held back by yourself! You aren't what they say you were, you are who God says you are!!


Life's opportunities never end. God designed you to be a continual learner, a continual doer, a continual explorer and a continual giver. He never authorized a 'retirement age' from those pursuits!


Your words are containers for power, and by the words you speak you frame your world!


Faith causes changes. Anytime there is change, there is opportunity, including the opportunity to fail. But failing can be a step toward completion of a goal. You can fail your way to success.


Some people left you for dead. They thought it was over. They said you're hopeless, you're helpless. You can't be used. You're not ministry material. You're going to be poor. You're going to be messed up.But guess what?Tell the devil, go to hell. You're a liar.


You've been complaining, you've been depressed, you've been despondent.

But take off those garments of heaviness and put back on your garments of praise. I didn't come when you thought I was going to come, but I'm going to be right on time.


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The devil is a liar. I said the devil is a liar. Don't make me preach now, but you are the living epistle, the written word of Christ.


What I might have considered good, good doesn't mean every day is going to be perfect, you're not going to have bad breath, your hair is going to be in the perfect place.


When I'm 18 years old, I'm at a friend's house.

And his uncle looks me in me eye - you know, by this time I'm an over achiever, a pretty good student, etc. And he said I have the answer to your problems. I have the solution to your pain. And he held up this book. It's a bible. I didn't know what it was.


Satisfaction comes from the inside out, so people keep gravitating from things externally to try to fill something - get a man to complete them, get money to complete them, get a job to complete them and still find themselves frustrated.


I was in school at the time, but at this time I'm in college.

I'm holding up this bible and I say, God, who are you?And so I do nothing for the next two years of my life, virtually, but stay in the word of God and find out what is the answers to life.


When seasons change in our life, it's difficult.

Because it feels like loss and no one likes loss. And I go through, how do you do that? How do you take that transition without losing it in the curve?


I believe the bible helps yourself.


I have my own personal opinions, but they're just that.


We had a church together. We co-founded and co-pastored the ministry, but Randy [White] was really a strong part.


I started doing the nursery and then prepared 89 hours to teach 2 to 4-year- olds.nd during this time working in this church and going to a little country church, I met Randy [White].


I did it through our ministries. We had ordination and basically understanding there ought - to be ordained that God has set apart, for the purposes of ministry. This is an important thing because of that defining moment, when I held that word up, I said I want to spend the rest of my life helping people.


I had gotten pregnant and decided make this - what people might have thought as a wrong - of course, my greatest gifts in life.


I think, for myself, life lied to me.


While this is a chapter that has closed in our life, it is not the end of the story for Randy [White] or for Paula - or maybe even Randy and Paula. And we stand in full cooperation, in full support of each other, and especially for the cause of Christ.


I have great concern, but my concern is probably not what most people would think it would be.My concern is why is our faith being targeted as part of this inquiry when there are laws on the books and there is legal jurisdiction any time there is abuse in financial handling?


I mean everyone is going to have an opinion.

But the fact is, is many people have been critical or judgmental, which is almost a double whammy, as if the pain of going through a divorce is not enough, then to have what you want - embrace and support.


I can't tell what god will do because I'm not God. I can only take you back to biblical principle.


When you find your authentic self, your identity - your true identity - how many people work a job they hate or live a life, they're going oh my gosh.


There are already current laws on the books and there are - and jurisdictions.

The IRS can come in and do any kind of investigation of a person.


Larry Jones with Feed the Children and I are partnering in New York and going into Rikers Island.


You're either in a position of abundance or you're in a position of poverty.

Now, that's every area of your life. That's not just financially.


When I had this concept ["You're All That"] that I'm not just a body with a mind, that I'm a spirit being, I'm a synergistically trying being, when I understood that, life began to come into focus.


I don't sit down and say, boy, I'm thinking about getting a great deal of money or I'm not going to have any money.


I stay in my lane of assignment and do what I'm supposed to do in life.


There are crucial things that cause fractures, breaks, whatever in relationships. But no one throws a life away.


YOU are on the verge of complete breakthrough in every area of your life.

Spiritually, Financially, and Relationally God has shown me that this is a season of victory for His people. As I went deeper in the Spirit the Lord revealed that before the breakthrough comes, certain things must be dealt with. Specifically, there must be a complete defeat of your enemies!


I believe that prosperity has a purpose.


I've stood in a place to always be a bridge between different people and bring together people for the common cause of Christ.


I was not a product of what happened to me, what I had been through, where I had come from. And when I began to realize who I really was, that God had created me, put my DNA, everything together was perfectly precisionly put together by God and that I was valuable, that's what "You're All That".


Did you get so caught up in the preoccupancy of a relationship that you lost who you were or were busy in life or career that you, like Adam and Eve, got lost in the garden putting fig leaf after fig leaf title, relationship, this accolade, this saying over you that you forgot who you were and what's life's about? So getting back to the core of that and building life by design, that is authentic.


I always say, you're going to have to ask someone else, but I believe the purpose is to stand as a reconciler, a bridge builder.


I have nothing to be sorry about.


"You're All That" goes back to really building a life from the core of who you're. And all of those things are layers. That's just your authentic life.


When I say you don't have to be a believer, you just have to say - you have to ask the question to say am I concerned about the tough questions in life, being introspective enough to say, who am I, why am I, what am I?


I don't go where I'm tolerated. I go where I'm celebrated.


I can begin to give God attributes. He's a counselor. He's a healer. He's a friend that sits closer than a brother. To me, he just - I sum it up that he's my anchor, my rock, my foundation in life, that my life was - had an emptiness - a deep, dark void with something - it had a lot of fulfillment externally, but something inside said there's more.


My faith graduated to a place called trust, that I know ultimately - ultimately, that God has good things for me.