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  1. Johns Hopkins introduced me to two defining events in my life: commitment to biomedical research and meeting my future wife, Mary.
  2. The long, cold Minnesota winters instilled in me a fascination for exotic far off places; I aspired toward a career in tropical diseases and world health problems.
  3. I grew up in Minnesota. Four generations of my father's people are buried there.
  4. Following my junior year in high school, I went on a camping trip through Russia in a group led by Horst Momber, a young language teacher from Roosevelt.
  5. It is a remarkable honor to receive a Nobel Prize, because it not only recognizes discoveries, but also their usefulness to the advancement of fundamental science.
  6. Now a cholera epidemic was sweeping through Southeast Asia and south Asia in the early 1970s, so I started medical school and I joined a laboratory to work on this.
  7. My goal was to develop into an independent research scientist studying clinical problems at the laboratory bench, but I felt that postgraduate residency training in internal medicine was necessary.
  8. One of my motivations to become a blood specialist was to study malaria in red blood cells. But in science, you discover something and you want to go this way, but your work goes that way.
  9. The Department of Cell Biology at Johns Hopkins was founded and directed by Tom Pollard, an engaging young scientist with remarkable energy and enthusiasm.
  10. My brother Jim and I spent many wonderful summers working on dairy farms in Wisconsin owned by Mom's cousins, and as members of our local Boy Scout troop.

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  • We always had lutefisk for Christmas dinner, after which Dad read from the Norwegian Bible.
  • Our lab had always refrained from keeping our studies secret.
  • Well, all life forms are dependent upon water.

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In 1862, Abraham Lincoln signed the Homestead Act, a bill opening one half million square miles of territory in the western United States for settlement. — Peter Agre

Dad was a chemistry professor at Saint Olaf College in Minnesota, then Oxford College in Minnesota, and a very active member of the American Chemical Society education committee, where he sat on the committee with Linus Pauling, who had authored a very phenomenally important textbook of chemistry. — Peter Agre

Our single greatest defense against scientific ignorance is education, and early in the life of every scientist, the child's first interest was sparked by a teacher. — Peter Agre

The need for general scientific understanding by the public has never been larger, and the penalty for scientific illiteracy never harsher. Lack of scientific fundamentals causes people to make foolish decisions about issues such as the toxicity of chemicals, the efficacy of medicines, the changes in the global climate. — Peter Agre

Every cell in our body is primarily water. But the water doesn't just sit in the cell, it moves through it in a very organized way. The process occurs rapidly in tissues that have these aquaporins or water channels. — Peter Agre

So, my advice to young scientists is, think critically about your work; probably don't blab unnecessarily. — Peter Agre

Mother had to support herself at age 18 because it was during the depression and when my grandfather lost the farm and there was no place for her; she worked as an assistant to a maid. — Peter Agre

Often times the public school teachers are ridiculed or they are made to feel inferior but this is really undeserved. — Peter Agre

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  1. Peter Agre's work emphasizes the importance of collaboration and interdisciplinary research in the pursuit of scientific knowledge.
  2. His Nobel Prize-winning discovery of aquaporins, water channels in cell membranes, demonstrates the potential of combining different fields of study to make groundbreaking discoveries.
  3. Agre's work also highlights the importance of perseverance in the face of failure, as it took him many years of hard work to make this discovery.

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