Truly, matters in the world are in a bad state; but if you and I begin in earnest to reform ourselves, a really good beginning will have been made.

— Peter of Alcantara

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Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament has His hands full of graces, and He is ready to bestow them on anyone who asks for them


The soul enjoys silence and peace, not by many reasonings, but by simply contemplating the truth.


I have made a contract with my body. It has promised to accept harsh treatment from me on earth, and I have promised that it shall receive eternal rest in heaven.


No tongue is able to declare the greatness of the love that Jesus bears to every soul: and therefore this Spouse, when he would leave this earth, in order that his absence might not cause us to forget him, left us as a memorial this Blessed Sacrament, in which he himself remained; for he would not that there should be any other pledge to keep alive our remembrance of him than he himself.


The trouble is that everyone talks about reforming others and no one thinks about reforming himself.


No tongue can express the greatness of the love which Jesus Christ bears to our souls. He did not wish that between Him and His servants there should be any other pledge than Himself, to keep alive the remembrance of Him.

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