Drink beer, smoke dope, and eat pussy until your jaw breaks

— Phil Anselmo

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I tried to take heavy metal... and balled it up and chopped it in half and really tried to create a new form of energy. I really tried to re-shape extreme music as I see it through my eyes.


You gotta look beyond the mainstream.

.. the mainstream'll drown you, you know? There's always a pulse in the underground that I love. And the pulse in the underground is what keeps heavy metal alive.


Music is there for us to explore. To intentionally limit yourself to one, two, or three genres is limitation at its worst. Music is huge; its a gigantic history lesson, and if you are true music fan or a musician, you should explore it. Its all right there in front of us.


In my better sense of mind, I know that Im far from alone and far from the worst, and the earth keeps spinning. Everything keeps moving, with or without me.


I don't care at all about the mainstream;

I don't care about popularity contests; I don't care about who's got the biggest-selling album; and I don't care about glossy production.


Communication between band-mates is imperative.

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. If I need to be checked, I expect to hear it put in plain words what my faults are, and give my band-mates the ultimate consideration by shutting up and listening, then acting on the advice given. Same goes for anyone else in any band.


I am the type that cannot stay put in living in the past and solely in the past.

It's not healthy and it doesn't feel right.


You can only exist as far as your mind will allow you to exist, and I think chronic pain will stop time dead in its tracks. You feel like you're the only one, and how unfair it is, and a million different feel-sorry-for-yourself type feelings.


We definitely have a hardcore following.


I won't lie to you and make you believe what's evil, is making love, and making friends, and meeting God your own way... the RIGHT way.


Pantera revolutionized the sound and the approach to heavy metal.

It's been regurgitated. Once you up the production on a product and not just the playing but the actual production, then it's going to up the ante.


I think music is a big, big wide world, and I am voyager on this particular ship in this sea of wild music, and I'm gonna dive in and find as many fish as I can and catch them all. I love music.


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There's always something going on, but thank goodness these days it's with a clear head, which helps me massively.


With this LP we were all very clear on the approach we wanted to take, which was to do something heavy, but also experiment with a lot of other things we really like.


I guess I've never been introduced properly to Pink Floyd.

I know they're great, don't get me wrong. Excellent, excellent musicians; great band; awesome harmony; great song writers; I just don't know anything besides, I guess, the popular songs on the radio.


And it seems to be today, image is a real important thing once again.


When I die bury me in smoke.


Speaking of stage freight. I was terrified! It was in NOLA at an all ages show. I was wearing Jeans, a Van Halen t-shirt, and a bandana on my neck. Once I gripped that microphone stand, I did not let go! I plugged my microphone into a guitar FX pedal. Then at the end of the a Black Sabbath song we were covering, I hit the guitar pedal. It was horrific!


There it is again. Image. Once again. I get really tired of it quick


I've heard too many times where people say that I'm this ultra-serious guy.

In truth, I've got an extremely absurd sense of humor. I thrive on the absurd - I love it.


I can easily say I've done everything I've wanted in music.


I'm glowing in the dark with my studio tan.

I've been in a cave of music for months and months and months.


To me, I'm for a band whose forefront is the music.


Down is an incredibly important band to me.

And there's one other project that may be a little tough for people to understand - it's not sonically heavy, but subject-wise it's absolutely heavy. It's a band that I've been in for many, many yearsm and I've just been waiting for the right itme, and boy, it sure is the right time. So, yeah, you will hear music from Philip Anselmo again, and it ain't gonna be nothing nice.


I may be loaded. I may be drunk. But I ain't stupid.


I'm a bad pessimist. I don't think about how successful any record I've ever done is going to do before it came out.


To do an extreme metal record is something that is well within my capacity as a musician to write stuff out of the box, write stuff that's probably more extreme than the band I'm in at the present time, and it's something that needs to come out of me one way or another.