I've repeated it 100 times and I'm going to look you in the eye, tonight, Mr. Couillard: there will be no referendum as long as Quebecers aren't ready.

— Philippe Couillard

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I'm as proud and assertive in my Quebec identity as any Quebecer.

I believe it's to Quebec's advantage to be part of the Canadian federation. But I will be extremely strong and forceful in defending Quebec's interests within Canada.


I often repeat three numbers: 20-23-26.

Quebec generates only 20 per cent of Canada's wealth; it represents 23 per cent of the population, but it does 26 per cent of government spending in Canada. That's incompatible with good financial health over the long term.


Hey, the bait is here. Get in Quebecers, get in the lobster trap, and then we'll close the door. And you'll have a referendum no matter what.


Quebec's distinct character makes Canada an even better country, and vice versa: being in Canada makes Quebec a better place too.


I think this is a line in the sand for many Quebecers and Canadians: That if you're going to give services or receive services, your face should be uncovered.


Not only in Canada but in other countries where we have to rely on immigration for our growth, the question of coexistence of values in communities is important. It has to be dealt with.


I always remind Quebecers: hey, wait a minute - federalism works.

If you look at the fiscal arrangements, the economic arrangements, the way the country works, if you compare it to other countries in the world, it's quite advantageous for Quebec.


In Quebec, our goal isn't to reduce daycare service - a program the entire world envies - but to make it viable so tomorrow's families can keep benefiting from it.


In Quebec, we can no longer increase taxes if we want to stay competitive.


A big mistake in politics is to think that because an issue appears to have been settled, it doesn't exist anymore. You just sweep it under the rug and pretend it doesn't exist.


You can't stop a reform in the middle. You do it completely and pretty fast, or you don't do it.


Quebecers are happy in Canada. We are benefiting economically and fiscally from belonging to Canada. We're proud of being Canadian. It's a great country. Everybody on Earth envies our Canadian citizenship.


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We have to redesign the finances of the Quebec state to preserve what counts: education, health and families.


Quebec's financial situation is serious.

In terms of intensity, we're close to matching 1982 and 1997. We won't do the same things this time, but the problems we face today are about as pressing.


Something I don't want to do, ever, is to put Quebec in a position of weakness.