An artist, if he's unselfish and passionate, is always a living protest. Just to open his mouth is to protest: against conformism, against what is official, public, or national, what everyone else feels comfortable with, so the moment he opens his mouth, an artist is engaged, because opening his mouth is always scandalous.

— Pier Paolo Pasolini

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I think to scandalize is a right, to be scandalized is a pleasure, and those who refuse to be scandalized are moralists.


I don't believe we shall ever again have any form of society in which men will be free. One should not hope for it. One should not hope for anything. Hope is invented by politicians to keep the electorate happy.


When the soul hears no other calls than those of the sweet chaos of daily good and evil.


If you know that I am an unbeliever, then you know me better than I do myself.

I may be an unbeliever, but I am an unbeliever who has a nostalgia for a belief.


The sexual freedom of today for most people is really only a convention, an obligation, a social duty, a social anxiety, a necessary feature of the consumer's way of life.


Nothing remains but to hope the end will come to extinguish the unrelenting pain of waiting for it.


Death does determine life. Once life is finished it acquires a sense; up to that point it has not got a sense; its sense is suspended and therefore ambiguous. However, to be sincere I must add that for me death is important only if it is not justified and rationalized by reason. For me death is the maximum of epicness and death.


The power of consumer goods . . . has been engendered by the so-called liberal and progressive demands of freedom, and, by appropriating them, has emptied them of their meaning, and changed their nature.


Death does determine life.


In the end, oh I know, never, in my haggard passion, have I ever been such a cadaver as now as I take again in hand my tables of the present— if reality's real, but after it's been destroyed in the eternal and the moment by the obsessive idea of a shining nothingness.


Once life is finished it acquires a sense;

up to that point it has not got a sense; its sense is suspended and therefore ambiguous.


And dead an epoch of our existence, which in a world destined to humiliate us was moral light and resistance.


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When I make a film I'm always in reality among the trees, and among the people like yourselves. There's no symbolic or conventional filter between me and reality as there is in literature. The cinema is an explosion of my love for reality.


It has been said that I have three heroes: Christ, Marx and Freud.

This is reducing everything to formulae. In truth, my only hero is Reality. If I have chosen to be a filmmaker as well as a writer it is because, rather than expressing reality through those symbols that are words, I have preferred the cinema as a means of expression - to express reality through reality.


Football is the last sacred ritual of our time.


The cinema is an explosion of my love for reality.


The revolution is now just a sentiment.


...the Church is the merciless heart of the State.


I am not interested in deconsecrating: this is a fashion I hate, it is petit-bourgeois. I want to reconsecrate things as much as possible, I want to re-mythicize them.


The mark which has dominated all my work is this longing for life, this sense of exclusion, which doesn't lessen but augments this love of life.


Truth lies not only in a dream, but in many dreams.

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