The dress is a vase which the body follows. My clothes are like modules in which bodies move.

— Pierre Cardin

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Fashion design is so diverse. It does not have clear identities as before with Balenciaga, Chanel, Cardin, Courreges. Design is about being recognised without a label. Elegance alone is not sufficient.


When I finish with one thing very well, I start some other thing.

I don't like to stop. I like to continually prove myself.


My old vintage designs are so popular now. I must have been on to something.


I can go all over the world with just three outfits: a blue blazer and gray flannel pants, a gray flannel suit, and black tie.


The jean! The jean is the destructor.

It is a dictator! It is destroying creativity! The jean must be stopped!


I do not believe there has ever been a name as important as Pierre Cardin in the general history of couture.


I have a name, I have to take advantage of it.


I was very lucky, I was part of the post-war period when everything had to be redone.


The only one who is alive today and still being talked about is Pierre Cardin.


I wash with my own soap-wear my own perfume. to bed on my own sheets... have my own food products. I live on me.


We undress men and women, we don't dress them any more.


My name is more important than myself.


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They said pret-a-porter will kill your name, and it saved me.