Losing is not my enemy..fear of losing is my enemy.

— Rafael Nadal

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If somebody says I am better than Roger, I think this person doesn't know anything about tennis.


When one player is better than you, at this moment, the only thing you can do is work, try to find solutions and try to wait a little bit for your time. I'm going to wait and I'm going to try a sixth time. And if the sixth doesn't happen, a seventh. It's going to be like this. That's the spirit of sport.


I play each point like my life depends on it.


You have to accept both losing and winning well.

I've stayed calm when I'm winning and I've stayed calm when I've lost.


In your career you have a lot of good moments and bad ones.

The important thing is to have enough motivation to keep working all the days with humility and trying to be a better player than before. I am going to try to continue doing this.


Stay healthy, do sports and above all have fun while doing sport.

Competing or just for fun, whatever, simply enjoy and try your best. Working hard, working well with achievable goals normally pays off. Believe in the people that are with you and listen to those who have more experience.


Everybody likes to say that Roger Federer is the Greatest Player of all time because its so nice to watch him play...but you have got to throw in Nadal's Mind as well...and That's the GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!!


It is important to recognize the small successes.


If you want to belong to the best, you need good technique and, perhaps even more importantly, a good eye. If you see the ball sooner, you have more time to think about how and where to return it.


However great your dedication, you never win anything on your own


It's important for the young players to practice other ball games as well, basketball or table tennis. On the tennis court, you can improve your eye through a kind of overexertion.


It is the small steps which bring you satisfaction at the end of the day.


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As a tennis player you can win and you can lose, and you have to be ready for both. I practised self-control as a kid. But as you get older they both - winning and losing - get easier.


You fight, you try your best, but if you lose, you dont have to break five racquets and smash up the locker room. You can do those things, but when youve finished, nothings changed. Youve still lost. If something positive came from that, I probably would do it. But I see only negativity.


I am afraid of a lot of things. A dog. I could be afraid of a dog that's upset, for example. And on the tennis courts, maybe on the outside I look fearless, but on the inside, I'm scared. There's not one player in the world who isn't nervous before matches. Especially important matches.


When one gets beaten by somebody better, one has to know how to lose with humility. Sure, I could have served better. Sure, I could have hit my forehand harder. But the truth was this was like an avalanche, and there was no way to stop it.


I am happy with being a tennis player and the choice I took when I was 12.

But clearly, if I wouldnt have been a tennis player, I would have loved to be a soccer player. But again, I am happy with the choice I made.


Certainly I would like to have some of the qualities of other players and obviously from Roger Federer. But believe me, there are plenty of other abilities that are important, particularly mindset and strength.


I will work day after day like I did my whole life ... I'm not going to change anything.


Confidence is the most important thing in this sport, and the confidence from winning Wimbledon would make it easier to win the Olympics, too. Either would be very difficult, both even more-but the player who wins Wimbledon will be the favorite for the Olympics. It can happen.


There are many moments during a match when you are tense, wrestling with yourself. Tennis is a lesson in self-control.


Most important thing, I am not a player who win the serves because I serve aces or free points, no. When I winning a lot of serves is because I am playing well from the baseline. That's why.


We should try to teach the young people values that are useful to them whether they become professional athletes or not.


If you are playing bad you are going to lose here, on clay, on ice, or on the beach.


Don't think about being the number one in the world, try instead to get through today's program as well as you can. Then we will see whether one day you'll end up as number one or number 100.


Since I was a kid, I've wanted to do sports for a living.

In the beginning, I played a lot of soccer, but in the end I chose tennis. I love sports in general ... But tennis is my passion.


I became a player who goes to a lot of effort while training, who can rely on his will and his mental strengths.


The young athletes are supposed to mature, to improve their personality.


I think is about confidence. Is about doing the right things. Is about being healthy. Is not about if I want to work or if I don't want to work. Is about if I can work or if I can't work.


I am going to fight for important things.


The bad thing about the [tennis] calendar is how it is made and obligates you to play tournaments all year. If you want to achieve the most you can (and) go as high up (in the rankings) as you can, you have to play from the start to the finish because there are important tournaments from the beginning to the end.


What happened happened. Important thing is what can come.


Seriously, I am not a person that I think much about what happened or what didn't happen or what could happen. I happy about the things that happened to me. I'm a lucky person, for sure, for all the things that happened to me during my life.


My uncle developed the training philosophy.

His idea of good tennis training is basically quite simple: you must try to gain time.


I take pleasure in tennis and the hope that it requires.


When you get older, if you are healthy, is not a problem.

If you don't have the health, then you go home.


The US player Andy Roddick reaches speeds of 220 kilometers per hour when he serves. If I train with him every day, I will later be at an advantage against a player whose service crosses the net at 190 kilometers per hour.


Always I believe that I can play better. But I am happy.


The glory is being happy. The glory is not winning here or winning there. The glory is enjoying practicing, enjoy every day, enjoying to work hard, trying to be a better player than before.


Is always the motivation to play better and better.

But I think we are in a very good way to keep winning matches. That's most important thing for me.


I have always tried to avoid regrets. Could I have done differently some things in my career? Maybe.


I played almost four hours today, ... Im very, very tired.


I'm really, really emotional.


Today people hit the ball with much more strength.

Almost every player is capable of playing a winning stroke from any position. This means the balls arrive more quickly. If you want to reach them, you have to slow down from a high speed or suddenly change direction. These are moments when you can injure yourself, and that's what wears us out.


I doubt about myself. I think doubts are good in life. The people who don't have doubts I think only two things-arrogance or not intelligence.


I feel lucky to keep playing tennis, being healthy all those years, to compete in one of the most beautiful events of the year, without a doubt.


I just wanted to see how the shorts felt again.


I'm delighted and feel incredibly happy with what have been an amazing two months.


A lot of times I had some problems, but I always had the passion and the personal motivation to keep going, to keep working hard, keep fighting for the things that really motivates me. That's all.