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  1. This life is the only hell believers will ever know. But for those who die in their sins, this is their only heaven.
  2. If you are not concerned about your neighbor's salvation, then I am concerned for yours.
  3. The Bible diagnoses the cancer of all cancers and prescribes the cure of all cures.
  4. Atheists who keep asking for evidence of God's existence are like a fish in the ocean wanting evidence of water.
  5. I do admit to mocking atheists, because mockery is a legitimate form of debate according to my rule Book. God Himself mocks evil men who refuse His moral government (see Proverbs 1:26-27).
  6. The friendly preacher who fails to warn of the reality of Hell, betrays the Son of God with a kiss.
  7. Rhetoric, which is the use of language to inform or persuade, is very important in shaping public opinion. We are very easily fooled by language and how it is used by others.
  8. Preachers who talk about everything but the reality of Hell, are likeable betrayers of the Gospel.
  9. The biblical way to express God’s love to a sinner is to show him how great his sin is (using the Law—see Romans 7:13; Galatians 3:24), and then give him the incredible grace of God in Christ.
  10. If we knew we were to die at twelve o'clock tomorrow night, would we have to step up our evangelistic program, or could we in all good conscience carry on just as we are?

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  • Evolution is the fundamental idea in all of life science - in all of biology.
  • Either there is a God or there isn't. Both possibilities are frightening.
  • I am surprised that anyone can profess to be an atheist.
  • God's standard of judgment goes down to the intents of the heart.
  • Atheism is spreading like wildfire.
  • You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, but You Can't Make Him Think.
  • It is embarrassingly unscientific to speak of anything creating itself from nothing.
  • How much do I have to hate homosexuals to lie to them about what the Bible says?
  • Never let the defeat of the past rob you of the success of your future.
  • Put legs to your prayers

Ray Comfort Quotes On God

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It is amazing that we hesitate to talk about the wrath of God, for fear of making sinners feel fearful. The fear they feel this side of the grave will be nothing compared to the fear they feel when they stand before Almighty God. — Ray Comfort

The more a nation gets into darkness, the more it's going to hate the light. The more it's going to run from the light. And we have a generation of people who have given themselves to darkness, and they've embraced atheism, because it gets them away from moral responsibility to God. — Ray Comfort

This society in which we live is radically changing. What previous generations saw as evil is now embraced as being good. It is a dangerous and slippery slope upon which we stand when we reject what Solomon called the beginning of wisdom - the fear of God. — Ray Comfort

Atheists don't hate fairies, leprechauns, or unicorns because they don't exist. It is impossible to hate something that doesn't exist. Atheists - like the painting experts hated the painter - hate God because He does exist. — Ray Comfort

The Gospel comes in power and the Holy Spirit, with much assurance. If you call upon the name of the Lord, God will transform you on the inside, give you the shock of your life, and give you everlasting life on top of that. — Ray Comfort

Darwinian evolution is unscientific, unobservable, unbelievable, but understandable in a world that hates God. — Ray Comfort

When men don't fear god, they give themselves to evil — Ray Comfort

It is true that you can't prove a negative. However, the existence of God is provable in the same way a building is positive proof that there was a builder. — Ray Comfort

Imagine how wicked society would be if the fear of God and the fear of civil law were both completely removed. — Ray Comfort

Faith is the first step to understanding. Either it's the Word of an infallible God, the fallible words of men, or faith in what you personally believe. You've got to have faith in something. Believe me. — Ray Comfort

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Atheistic evolutionists believe that nothing created everything - a scientific impossibility. It couldn't happen. So they redefine the word 'nothing' to mean 'something,' so that in their unthinking minds, they can justify their foolishness. — Ray Comfort

Vast multitudes of professing Christians fit into the category spoken of here. They call Jesus 'Lord,' but they practice lawlessness. They profess faith in Jesus, but have no regard for the divine law. — Ray Comfort

So, I'm not the only one who believes that there is such a thing as "the law of gravity," and if it's a law, it can be violated. If you hit the ground at 120 mph from 1,000 feet, you will suffer the consequences of violating what physics.about.com calls the law of gravity. — Ray Comfort

If I want to understand the laws of physics I have to first believe what I read about physics. I have to have faith in what I read. — Ray Comfort

I think that the theory of evolution is the most unscientific, faith-based, fundamentally brainless idea that ever had the misfortune to come out of a human mind. To compare it to true science is a joke. There is nothing even slightly scientific about it. — Ray Comfort

Christianity doesn't offer a smooth flight; it provides a safe landing. The promise of Jesus is not one of happiness, He promises righteousness. — Ray Comfort

George Harrison was known as the quiet Beatle. Quiet people are often quiet because they are deep thinkers. — Ray Comfort

Christians must share their faith in obedience to the Great Commission, because we are only seeing the fruit of sin this side of death. — Ray Comfort

Man is unique in that, unlike animals, he knows he is going to die, and unlike animals he can do something about it. — Ray Comfort

Darwin theorized that mankind (both male and female) evolved alongside each other over millions of years, both reproducing after their own kind before the ability to physically have sex evolved. They did this through "asexuality" ("without sexual desire or activity or lacking any apparent sex or sex organs"). Each of them split in half. — Ray Comfort

Kirk Cameron pulls no punches in his exploration of mankind's greatest dilemma. Unstoppable is a captivating, raw, and candid journey that gracefully delivers hope and poignant truth every step of the way. It's a masterful and timely production! — Ray Comfort

Most human beings have enough sense to know that if they work in a city that has a serious smog problem, it's wise to either stay indoors or at least wear a mask that will filter out the poison. But cigarette smokers have their own little concentrated toxic smog pack that they don't avoid. — Ray Comfort

If Cancer is the chastening tool of God, then doctors who are fighting cancer are fighting against the work of God. If a preacher or a Christian believes the sickness is a means of chastening, then he should never pray for relief from the sickness, but rather pray that the cancer will continue to grow until the chastening is completed. — Ray Comfort

I think the key to passion, to zeal, is gratitude. Or to put it another way, the fuel to motivate is gratitude. — Ray Comfort

The Bible says that the earth is immovable. It cannot be moved. So now is your chance to prove your point. Run outside and move the earth. Perhaps you and your friends could jump on it, or find a rocky outcrop and push it together. Maybe after that little experiment you will concede that the earth is immovable. — Ray Comfort

I don't blame Bill Maher for mocking religion. I can see why he took the trouble to make the movie. In one sense, it's overdue. — Ray Comfort

Instead of preaching the good news that sinners can be made righteous in Christ and escape the wrath to come, the gospel has degenerated into the pretext that we can be happy in Christ and escape the hassles of life. — Ray Comfort

Most atheists bristle at the thought that atheism has anything to do with faith, but not Penn Jillette. — Ray Comfort

Comparing Jesus with history's greatest of human leaders is like comparing the sun to a flashlight with no batteries. — Ray Comfort

Any good that comes our way doesn't come to us solely because we have done something good, but because God is good. — Ray Comfort

Man is unique in creation because he has a sense of justice and truth. We spend billions of dollars each year to set up court systems to see that justice is done, and we build prisons for those who transgress the laws we enact. — Ray Comfort

It takes both courage and talent to stand up in front of fellow human beings and make them crack a smile, and at the same time keep it clean. — Ray Comfort

It's important to understand that an atheist is someone who believes the scientific impossibility that nothing created everything. Some fundamental atheists will deny this by trying to redefine 'nothing' as being 'something,' because such a thought makes them look like a fool, which is precisely what the Bible says that they are — Ray Comfort

To encourage children into Rock Music is to place them into the white hot arms of Molech and the beat and power behind the music will drown out the cries of your child as occultic powers consume him and drag him into the fires of hell! — Ray Comfort

John Lennon was a musical genius. All I have to do is think of some of his songs and even the titles make me feel good... and I'm not the only one. His music has crossed cultures and even generations. — Ray Comfort

A blind, anemic, weak-kneed flea on crutches would have a greater chance of defeating a herd of a thousand wild stampeding elephants, than the enemy has of defeating God. — Ray Comfort

So we are mocked by this world when we speak of God's coming judgment against all sin, and when we plead that sinners come to the Savior to avoid Hell. But we can't give up because our task is irksome, or because we are mocked. Neither can we live self-indulgent lives, because our convictions aren't based on some man-made and fallible calculations. They are based on the immutability of the Word of God. — Ray Comfort

Life Lessons by Ray Comfort

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  1. Ray Comfort teaches that it is important to have a personal relationship with God and to live a life of faith and obedience.
  2. He emphasizes the importance of evangelism and sharing the Gospel with others.
  3. He also encourages Christians to be bold in their faith and to trust in God's promises and guidance.

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