I exercise a lot. I enjoy exercising. I switch back and forth with cardio and strength training every other day, and I try to do something active every single day. Other than that, I try to make sure I have enough quiet time to myself to recharge every week as well.

— Rhea Seehorn

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I used to be much heavier when I first started out acting and did a lot of crash dieting and a lot of crash exercise - a ton for a month before you burned out. Then I made a decision in my twenties to only do things that I can do for life, so everything's kind of in moderation for me.


Just watching people's ability to adapt, especially young people's, inspires me to accept more in life instead of wishing things were different all the time.


I used to do a lot of story writing and storytelling coming up through grade school. By the time I got to college, I decided that I wanted to perform as well, and that's where I started.


I try to be active five to six times a week, and I keep very healthy, but I don't beat myself up on a bad day. If you're working fourteen hours on a set and you need to eat five protein bars, then you just do that. I keep it a regular and normal part of my life as [much as] I can.