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  1. How does the weakness of the dollar affect your business?
  2. With the strong bipartisan rejection of the Dorgan amendment today, the Senate cast a vote in favor of the U.S. working to knock down unfair trade barriers that hurt American business and farmers
  3. If you start very far to the left, it's harder to get to the middle.
  4. I told my staff that I'm so boring that I didn't even know I was boring.
  5. Things are not getting better. They are getting worse. We need to elect Mitt Romney to turn things around.
  6. Folks, do you agree with me that we cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama?
  7. I'd like to think I'm a serious legislator and trying to get things done.
  8. The tax code is now nine times longer than the Bible, and not nearly as interesting.
  9. The problem is that this round from its inception has had agriculture at its centerpiece. The EU and the U. S. and other WTO members cannot wish that away, that is a reality.
  10. If you can't even acknowledge that you have to fix Social Security, that's not a very good starting point.

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I saw the government really using the excuse of a weak economy and a financial crisis to create more government and to push onto the American entrepreneurial society more and more restraints and government activity. — Rob Portman

I have come to believe that if two people are prepared to make a lifetime commitment to love and care for each other in good times and in bad, the government shouldn't deny them the opportunity to get married. — Rob Portman

For all our current troubles, Americans are still the hardest working, most innovative people on the face of the earth. By trusting the American people, instead of government, we'll continue to surprise and inspire the world. — Rob Portman

The way to an American economic comeback, the way to help those out of work today find a paycheck, is to unleash the forces of job creation in America. The source of new jobs isn't going to be the bureaucracies of Washington, but rather the creativity, ingenuity, and hard work of the American people. — Rob Portman

I served at a time when we had a strong economy, when we had deficits that we would die for today. I was able to propose a balanced budget, not over ten years, but over five years. I'm proud of that record. — Rob Portman

Instead of focusing on growing jobs and reigniting our economy, President Obama focused on growing government and tried to remake the United States into the image of the debt-laden countries of Europe. His approach has been more spending, more regulation, and higher taxes. — Rob Portman

The reality is that until we can agree on a formula that reduces tariffs globally we cannot meet this Doha promise for development. In order to keep momentum post-Hong Kong, the European Union must be willing to move. — Rob Portman

President Obama likes to talk about the Buffett Rule. Well, here's a Buffett Rule that all Americans should be able to support: mom and pop businesses should not pay a higher tax rate than Fortune 500 corporations like Warren Buffett's. — Rob Portman

My concern about Barack Obama is he ran a campaign in 2008 where he said we're going to bring people together and solve big problems. And he specifically talked about the need to reach across the aisle and deal with issues like the economy, which was obviously the top issue in 2008. It has not happened. — Rob Portman

There has never been a campaign where there hasn't been sniping from the outside and second-guessing. I hear the same sometimes from the Democratic side in terms of President Obama's campaign, so that's to be expected. — Rob Portman

Mitt Romney is talking about the fact that Republicans and Democrats alike have to find common ground to address very real challenges we face as a country. It's a message that's uplifting, it's optimistic. It's about how America can be great again. I think that's the right closing message and I think frankly it's what we need to do as a country after this election regardless of what happens. — Rob Portman

I think what people are looking for right now is not the kind of pizzazz and pop that perhaps we thought we got in 2008. Certainly, President Obama offered that. What they want now is someone who can work closely with Congress and get things done. — Rob Portman

That isn't how I've always felt. As a congressman, and more recently as a senator, I opposed marriage for same-sex couples. Then something happened that led me to think through my position in a much deeper way. — Rob Portman

I'm up here in Cleveland tonight and there are a lot of folks who are concerned about it. Twenty-five percent of the people up here get their health care through religious organizations and so that religious freedom issue is very important to them. — Rob Portman

Our folks have a lot of passion. They're very concerned about the direction of the country and concerned the record debt and deficit and what it means for their kids, concerned about the economy and the fact that we're not getting back on track with the weakest economic recovery since the Great Depression. And at the end of the day, I think that's going to make the difference. — Rob Portman

When you tax capital gains income, you don't help the economy, you hurt the economy, which is why President Kennedy, President Reagan, President Clinton and President Bush all believed we should have a lower rate for capital gains. — Rob Portman

President Obama has been attacking relentlessly. In 2008 he said that if you're out of fresh ideas you use stale tactics against your opponent - you try and make your opponent unacceptable and that's what he is trying to do. — Rob Portman

Life Lessons by Rob Portman

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  1. Rob Portman has demonstrated the importance of bipartisanship and collaboration in order to achieve meaningful progress. He has worked across the aisle to pass legislation that benefits all Americans, regardless of political affiliation.
  2. Rob Portman has also shown the importance of strong advocacy for the people and causes he cares about. He has worked tirelessly to advance the causes he believes in, such as advocating for veterans' rights and protecting the Great Lakes.
  3. Lastly, Rob Portman has shown the importance of staying true to one's values and principles, even in the face of opposition. He has consistently held firm to his beliefs and has been a strong advocate for the people of Ohio.

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