What is the most famous quote by Robben Ford ?

I think a lot of the more successful artists of our time basically have barracudas for managers

— Robben Ford

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... don't be afraid to screw up !... one of the key issues to learning is making mistakes ... if you're not making mistakes, you're probably not having a very good time

Robben Ford

...I think of improvising as composing - fo me it's all about playing melodies. When I improvise, there's not a lot of real thinking going on, per se - it's more like riding a wave. and I know how to stand on the board

Robben Ford

I do believe it's possible to play a lot without overplaying.

It's when a musician becomes too self-centred that it becomes problematic. You need to be aware of how what you're doing is affecting everyone else, and that's something young musicians often forget. Playing in a band is a shared experience. It's about what everyone is doing together.

Robben Ford

I don't find a lot of people actually saying things through music any longer.

They are not trying to say anything with their music, they just want to make money with it. I think it's important to actually say something real, something meaningful, rather than just write some trash and try to sell it.

Robben Ford