Maybe love is like luck. You have to go all the way to find it.

— Robert Mitchum

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Every two or three years, I knock off for a while.

That way I`m always the new girl in the whorehouse.


I never changed anything, except my socks and my underwear.

And I never did anything to glorify myself or improve my lot. I took what came and did the best I could with it.


The only effect that I ever noticed from smoking marijuana was a sort of mild sedative, a release of tension when I was overworking. It never made me boisterous of quarrelsome. If anything, it calmed me and reduced my activity.


I kept the same suit for six years and the same dialogue.

They just changed the title of the picture and the leading lady.


I've still got the same attitude I had when I started. I haven't changed anything but my underwear.


Stars today are just masturbation images.


I never take any notice of reviews - unless a critic has thought up some new way of describing me. That old one about my lizard eyes and anteater nose and the way I sleep my way through pictures is so hackneyed now.


Sure I was glad to see John Wayne win the Oscar I'm always glad to see the fat lady win the Cadillac on TV, too.


I never will believe there is such a thing as a great actor.


Listen. I got three expressions: looking left, looking right and looking straight ahead.


I have two acting styles: with and without a horse.


These kids only want to talk about acting method and motivation.

in my day all we talked about was screwing and overtime.


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People think I have an interesting walk. Hell, I'm just trying to hold my gut in.


This is not a tough job. You read a script. If you like the part and the money is O.K., you do it. Then you remember your lines. You show up on time. You do what the director tells you to do. When you finish, you rest and then go on to the next part. That's it.


The only difference between me and my fellow actors is that I've spent more time in jail.


The people who can do you the most damage are the ones who are closest to you.


How do I keep fit? I lay down a lot.


Movies bore me; especially my own.


I started out to be a sex fiend, but I couldn't pass the physical.

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