A man who loves you the most is the man who tells you the most truth about yourself.

— Robert Murray M'Cheyne

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Remember, you are not a tree, that can live or stand alone.

You are only a branch. And it is only while you abide in Christ, as the branch in the vine, that you will flourish or even live.


A believer longs after God, to come into his presence, to feel his love, to feel near to him in secret, to feel in the crowd that he is nearer than all the creatures. Ah! dear brethren, have you ever tasted this blessedness? There is greater rest and solace to be found in the presence of God for one hour than in an eternity of the presence of man.


Your afflictions may only prove that you are more immediately under the Father's hand. There is no time that the patient is such an object of tender interest to the surgeon, as when he is bleeding beneath his knife. So you may be sure if you are suffering from the hand of a reconciled God, that His eye is all the more bent on you.


Every wise workman takes his tools away from the work from time to time that they may be ground and sharpened; so does the only-wise Jehovah take his ministers oftentimes away into darkness and loneliness and trouble, that he may sharpen and prepare them for harder work in his service.


Affliction shows the power of Christ's blood, when it gives peace in an hour of trouble, when it can make happy in sickness, poverty, persecution and death. Do not be surprised if you suffer, but glorify God.


If I could hear Christ praying for me in the next room, I would not fear a million enemies.


It is not great talents God blesses so much as great likeness to Jesus.

A holy minister is an awful weapon in the hand of God.


If Christ justifies you, He will sanctify you! He will not save you and leave you in your sins.


Learn much of the Lord Jesus. For every look at yourself take ten looks at Christ. He is altogether lovely . . . . Live much in the smiles of God. Bask in his beams. Feel his all-seeing eye settled on you in love. And repose in his almighty arms.


Learn that urgency in prayer does not so much consist in vehement pleading, as in vehement believing. He that believes most the love and power of Jesus will obtain the most in prayer.


Unfathomable oceans of grace are in Christ for you.

Dive and dive again, you will never come to the bottom of these depths. How many millions of dazzling pearls and gems are at this moment hid in the deep recesses of the ocean caves.


It is not so much great talents that God blesses, as great likeness to Christ.


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The Christian is a person who makes it easy for others to believe in God.


God will either give you what you ask, or something far better.


Joy is increased by spreading it to others.


I ought to spend the best hours of the day in communion with God.

It is my noblest and most fruitful employment, and is not to be thrust into any corner.


The Bible is an inexhaustible fountain of all truths.

The existence of the Bible is the greatest blessing which humanity ever experienced. Few tremble at the Word of God, Few, in reading it, hear the voice of Jehovah, which is full of majesty.


Do not fear the face of man. Remember how small their anger will appear in eternity.


There cannot be a secret Christian. Grace is like ointment hid in the hand; it betrayeth itself. If you truly feel the sweetness of the cross of Christ, you will be constrained to confess Christ before men.


I tell you, brethren, if mercies and if judgments do not convert you, God has no other arrows in His quiver.


Watch against lip religion. Above all abide in Christ and he will abide in you.


Lord make me as holy as a pardoned sinner can be.


The sea ebbs and flows, but the rock remains unmoved.


A dark hour makes Jesus bright.


O believing brethren! What an instrument is this which God hath put into your hands! Prayer moves Him that moves the universe.


Just as the roots of trees take firmer hold when they are contending with the wind; so faith takes firmer hold when it struggles with adverse appearances.


There are many hearing me who now know well that they are not Christians because they do not love to give. To give largely and liberally, not grudging at all, requires a new heart.


You will never find Jesus so precious as when the world is one vast howling wilderness. Then he is like a rose blooming in the midst of the desolation, a rock rising above the storm.


For one look at yourself, take ten looks at Christ.


The greatest need of my people is my own holiness.


Never forget that the end of a sermon is the salvation of the people.


A holy man is a mighty weapon in the hands of God.


When you are reading a book in a dark room, and come to a difficult part, you take it to a window to get more light. So take your Bibles to Christ.


Get your texts from God - your thoughts, your words, from God.

.. It is not great talents God blesses so much as great likeness to Jesus. A holy minister is an awful weapon in the hand of God. A word spoken by you when your conscience is clear, and your heart full of God's Spirit, is worth ten thousand words spoken in unbelief and sin.


A beam of God's countenance is enough to fill the heart of a believer to overflowing. It is enough to light up the pale cheek of a dying saint with seraphic brightness, and make the heart of the lone widow sing for joy.


God's children should pray. They should cry day and night to Him. God hears every one of your cries in the busy hour of the daytime and in the lonely watches of the night.


Study your prayers, a great part of my time is spent getting in tune for prayer.


Go on, dear brother; but an inch of time remains, and then eternal ages roll on for ever--but an inch on which we can stand and preach the way of salvation to a perishing world.


When God gives a promise, He always tries our faith.

Just as the roots of trees take firmer hold when they are contending with the wind, so faith takes a firmer hold when it struggles with adverse appearances.


Ah! believers, you are a tempted people.

You are always poor and needy. And God intends it should be so, to give you constant errands to go to Jesus. Some may say, it is not good to be a believer; but ah! see to whom we can go.


In spiritual things, this world is all wintertime so long as the Saviour is away.


As I was walking in the fields, the thought came over me with almost overwhelming power, that every one of my flock must soon be in heaven or hell. Oh how I wished that I had a tongue like thunder, that I might make all hear; or that I had a frame like iron, that I might visit every one and say, Escape for thy life! Ah sinner! You little know how I fear that you will lay the blame of your damnation at my door.


We must not close with Christ because we feel Him, but because God lias said it, and we must take God's word even in the dark.


It is a sure mark of grace to desire more.


You will be incomplete Christians if you do not look for the coming again of the Lord Jesus


A man cannot be a faithful minister, until he preaches Christ for Christs sake - until he gives up striving to attract people to himself and seeks only to attract them to Christ.


The unconverted do not like to hear much about the Holy Spirit.


Are we not all immortal till our work is done?


Most of God's people are contented to be saved from the hell that is without;

they are not so anxious to be saved from the hell that is within.