With the advent of Twitter and Facebook and other social networking sites, genuine privacy can only be found by renting a private villa for a holiday. Hotels are now out of the question for my wife and I.

— Robert Powell

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I have found that a smile and a stick will carry you through all right, and in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred it is the smile that does the trick.


I love being on stage. I'm completely, totally relaxed. It's the only time in my life when I know where I am and what's coming next. The other Robert Powell is probably fairly melancholic. Let's just say happiness isn't my default position. There are dark parts. I'm very good at it. I frighten people sometimes.


There is no teaching to compare with example.


It seems everyone in the world is now a potential member of the paparazzi.

Most of the time people ask if they can take a picture with their mobiles but increasingly they don't bother to ask.


Make your life a happy one. That is where success is possible to every man.


I think monogamy is a little unnatural, if I'm totally honest.

You change. Things alter. It's the exception rather than the rule and I think it's exceptional to cope with it and manage it. It's hard work.


There's not a human being alive I won't talk to.

There's a quite simple rule. If you like somebody more than you dislike them you can have a relationship. Once you accept you like 75 per cent but 25 per cent you find irritating for this or that reason, you just have to ignore that 25 per cent.


It is a pity that the words "spiritual life" were ever invented, for they have caused so much confusion. For, in truth, there is only life-everyday life-which is simply what is at every moment.


Part of my job is to try and seduce people.

It's what I get paid for, and if people get in the way of me doing my job I can be very difficult.


A boy is naturally full of humor.


The sport in Scouting is to find the good in every boy and develop it.


In Scouting, a boy is encouraged to educate himself instead of being instructed.


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