If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it.

โ€” Ronnie Lott

The most dreamy Ronnie Lott quotes that are guaranted to improve your brain

If I was going to play offense, I'd love to play running back.

In high school I played quarterback and wide receiver, but I wouldn't mind running over some folks.


Trying to be the best. Failing. Getting back up. Those characteristics are going to allow you to make great decisions. They are going to allow you to compete. They are going to allow you to achieve your best. That's the American dream.


The body is consuming energy when tense, and restoring energy when it is relaxed.


Most people would say safety was my best position.

To me, the biggest challenge and most gratifying thing I got out of playing football was playing corner, because it was a bigger challenge than playing safety. Playing corner provided me my biggest thrills and my biggest headaches.


I donโ€™t think Ed Reed has to take a back seat to anybody who ever played the position. ANYBODY.


As a matter of a fact, though, I've never actually played a video game where I've played as myself.


Art Monk was an example for Jerry Rice. That's what Jerry always told me.


To me, it didn't matter where I played, I just wanted to play well.


I mean, it's not important what kind of pants you wear; it's how you wear them.


I'm a person who really doesn't dwell on the past.


The greatest owner in professional sports history is Eddie DeBartolo.