My ambition was to become the best climber and I never did. I think that goal was a wrong goal. A better one is to put more emphasis on enjoyment and on getting a rounded experience and on things like friendship, rather than on sheer achievement.

— Royal Robbins

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I failed on a climbing problem eight times before realizing I was climbing as high as I knew I could and then letting go. On my next try I climbed with no thought of failure and reached the top. We cannot know what we can do in advance. The only way to find out is to go all-out trying, thinking only of success.


The terrible thing about free soloing difficult routes that are within one's capacity, is the chance that faced with ultimate danger and need for ultimate self-control, one's nerve might fail and cause an error. That's irony of it - that fear could short-circiut skill, that one would die as a direcy result of being afraid to die.


When it's been a long day of climbing, and I feel like I can't go any farther, I concentrate on the next three feet. And then the next three feet; and then the next three feet. Pretty soon, I'm at the top.


A simple equation exists between freedom and numbers: the more people, the less freedom.


Our ascent, of course, does not end the possibility for new accomplishments on El Capitan. The day will probably come when this climb will be done in five days, perhaps less; and a younger generation will make a new route on the west face.


I had the unique experience the next day: placing sixteen bolts in a row.

It was just blank and there was no way around. But it was a route worth bolting for, and after a time I began to take an almost perverse joy in it, or at least in doing a good job.


Climbing is a great game-great not in spite of the demands it makes, but because of them. Great because it will not let us give half of ourselves-it demands all of us. It demands our best.


The rock is a field of battle between our weakness and our strength.


A first ascent is a creation in the same sense as is a painting or a song


With the best equipment in the world the man with poor judgment is in mortal danger.


Instead of the god of security, we bow to the greater god of freedom, the freedom to take risks and master danger in order to be intensely alive.


Better we raise our skill than lower the climb


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Before the deed comes the thought. Before the achievement comes the dream. Every mountain we climb, we first climb in our mind.


The rock is a field of battle between our weakness and our strength.

We wouldn't touch rock if we were perfectly self-controlled. And he who would climb and live must continuously wage this battle and never let folly win. It's an outrageously demanding proposition. But I never said it was easy.