Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy.

— Rudy Giuliani

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With the spirit of my administration, New York City is poised for dramatic change. The era of fear has had a long enough reign.


America needs to be defended. We need missile defense to better police the skies over the United States.


The attacks of September 11th were intended to break our spirit.

Instead we have emerged stronger and more unified.


The attacks of September 11th were intended to break our spirit.

Instead we have emerged stronger and more unified. We feel renewed devotion to the principles of political, economic, and religious freedom, the rule of law and respect for human life. We are more determined than ever to live our lives in freedom.


It's about time law enforcement got as organized as organized crime.


My father used to say to me, 'Whenever you get into a jam, whenever you get into a crisis or an emergency, become the calmest person in the room and you'll be able to figure your way out of it.'


When you confront a problem you begin to solve it.


There are many qualities that make a great leader.

But having strong beliefs, being able to stick with them through popular and unpopular times, is the most important characteristic of a great leader.


What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies.


Leaders need to be optimists. Their vision is beyond the present.


Courage is being afraid, but then doing what you have to do anyway.


Obviously murder and graffiti are two vastly different crimes.

But they are part of the same continuum, and a climate that tolerates one is more likely to tolerate the other.


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You've got to teach your children to be respectful to the police and you've got to teach your children that the real danger to them is not the police, the real danger to them 99 out of 100 times, 9,900 out of 1,000 times are other black kids who are going to kill them.


Courage is managing fear to accomplish what you want to accomplish.

And it's a great demonstration of love. It's really what love is. It's finding areas in which other people are more important than you.


All leaders are influenced by those they admire.

Reading about them and studying their traits inevitably allows an inspiring leader to develop his own leadership traits.


Black lives matter. White lives matter. Asian lives matter. Hispanic lives matter. That's anti-American and it's racist.


Immigrants are exactly what America needs.

They're what we need economically, and I think they're what we need morally... [They] revitalize America and get it back to its sense of confidence... All of these immigrants that come here help us with the work they do, they challenge us with new ideas and new perspectives, and they give us perspective.


Donald Trump is going to take our Army up to 6,000.

And Obama and Hillary are going to take it down to 4,200. He is going to take our Marine Corps from 23 battalions to 35 battalions. And he's going to reestablish and modernize our nuclear program.


I support security at the borders. I think security is enormously important in the post-September 11th period. I think we have to know who's coming into this country. We have to be able to identify them; we have to be able to figure out who they are.


If we were building our navy, rather than reducing our navy to pre-World War I levels, China would not be thinking about increasing its navy to take over the South China Sea.


The reality is you've got to be yourself.

You've got to be who you are. You've got to be honest with people. If your views change on something, you've got to be willing to express it.


The reality is that Qatar is an ally of the United States.

There are a significant number of American troops that are stationed in Qatar. What we did for them and do for them is security for their facilities.


It is in times of crisis that good leaders emerge.


Ronald Reagan is going to go into negotiations with [Vladimir] Putin from a position of strength. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama gave up the game on day one when they reset the relationship with Russia and they gave up the nuclear defense of Poland and the Czech Republic.


Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, never being in business, never really negotiating, give away for nothing things they shouldn't give away.


I lowered taxes in New York. I reduced the size of government in New York. I took a $2.4 billion deficit and turned it into a $3.2 billion surplus. And I reduced taxes over 23 times or 23 times.


Disagrees with neocon adviser on immediate need to bomb Iran.


God help this country if we're now prepared to vote for someone we don't trust.

But every election cycle we do things we never dreamed of.


I believe education in music, theater, dance, and the visual arts.

.. is part of a well-rounded education and can provide so much joy, now and in the future.


When you say black lives matter, that's inherently racist.


I even believe [Donald Trump] won a little after - after the election rethinking, I think if we'd spent a little more time in Minnesota, we would've won Minnesota.


Five years from the date of the attack that changed our world, we've come back to remember the valor of those we lost-those who innocently went to work that day and the brave souls who went in after them. We have also come to be ever mindful of the courage of those who grieve for them, and the light that still lives in their hearts.


Donald Trump has told me that he is proud of the fact that he finally got Barack Obama to produce his birth certificate.


St. Paul's Chapel stands - without so much as a broken window. Little miracle.


If you don't find a way to do something as work that is fulfilling and enjoyable, then your life is going to be really sad.


When I run a business, and I run a business, if I don't take advantage of the five deductions that are available to me, even if you think those deductions are unfair, then I've violated my fiduciary duty.


The nightmare of the Cold War was nuclear weapons in the hands of an irrational person. I don't want to live through that nightmare.


So I think we're, we're, we're as broad a political party, if not broader than the Democratic Party, just in a different political spectrum.


In choosing Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, John McCain has chosen for the future.


Six percent, 5 percent of our GDP for him [Vladimir Putin] to match us, he has to spend 25 percent of his GDP and it will bankrupt his country.


We are technologically ahead of Russia and China.

We can develop a nuclear shield for the United States, for Poland, and for the Czech Republic. Russia is deadly frightened of that. They have been trying to get us to give that up for 20 years since [Ronald] Reagan.


Did business with Qatar, a US ally which protects al-Qaeda.


We are more determined than ever to live our lives in freedom.


The city is going to survive, we are going to get through it, It's going to be very, very difficult time. I don't think we yet know the pain that we're going to feel when we find out who we lost, but the thing we have to focus on now is getting this city through this, and surviving and being stronger for it.


I can't be the Mayor of L.A. I hate the Dodgers. I'm a Yankee fan. Yankee fans can't ever root for the Dodgers.


When people endure a traumatic event, they are either defeated or made stronger.

On Sept. 11, I told New Yorkers, "I want you to emerge stronger from this." My words were partially a hope and partially an observation that people in New York City handle big things better than little things. I could not be more proud of the way my city responded.


I see a comparison between the two [Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump].

Peace through strength. What Chris Matthews don't grasp is that day Donald Trump gave a speech in which he said he's going to build the U.S. military up to Ronald Reagan levels.


We want everyone to prepare themselves for the reality that we are not going to be able to recover significant numbers of people.


I think people thought that if [Donald Trump] won, he'd win by one state the way that President [George W.] Bush did.