Its Constitution--the glittering and sounding generalities of natural right which make up the Declaration of Independence.

— Rufus Choate

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Happy is he who has laid up in his youth, and held fast in all fortune, a genuine and passionate love of reading.


A book is the only immortality.


Neither irony nor sarcasm is argument.


I will look, your Honor, and endeavor to find a precedent, if you require it;

though it would seem to be a pity that the Court should lose the honor of being the first to establish so just a rule.


Happy is he who has laid up in his youth, and held fast in all fortune, a genuine and passionate love for reading.


The final end of government is not to exert restraint but to do good.


There was a state without king or nobles;

there was a church without a bishop; there was a people governed by grave magistrates which it had selected, and by equal laws which it had framed.


You don't want a diction gathered from the newspapers, caught from the air, common and unsuggestive; but you want one whose every word is full-freighted with suggestion and association, with beauty and power.


Anything more low, obscene, feculent, the manifold heaving's of history have not cast up. We shall come to the worship of onions, cats and things vermiculite.


All that happens in the world of Nature or Man, - every war;

every peace; every hour of prosperity; every hour of adversity; every election; every death ; every life; every success and every failure, - all change, - all permanence, - the perished leaf; the unutterable glory of stars, - all things speak truth to the thoughtful spirit.


Appropriated to justice, to security, to reason, to restraint;

where there is no respect of persons; where will is nothing and power is nothing and numbers are nothing, and all are equal and all secure before the law.


We join ourselves to no party that does not carry the flag and I keep step to the music of the Union.


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Knowledge is power as well as fame.


We have built no national temples but the Capitol; we consult no common oracle but the Constitution.


No lawyer can afford to be ignorant of the Bible.


The courage of New England was the courage of conscience.

It did not rise to that insane and awful passion, the love of war for itself.


Power, carried to extremes, is always liable to reaction.


Mathematics may, be briefly defined as the science of quantities, and is one of the most important of disciplining studies which engage the practical student.

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