I pay our nanny more than Im earning.

— Rupert Penry-Jones

The most thrilling Rupert Penry-Jones quotes that are little-known but priceless

I hate feeling full, so Christmas is about the only time I really stuff myself.


I did a bit of modeling before I took up acting, and I was up for this big campaign - I can't remember which designer - and all these execs were looking at my portfolio. Then one said: 'We'd like to use you, but can you come back next year when you've lost this.' And he tapped the underside of his chin.


I get very few nasty letters. A few from people who disapprove of the fact that I'm getting naked on television yet again. I don't know why - I suppose they don't like the idea that I'm doing that while I'm married with children.


Friday is my night for letting my hair down, and once a month a group of my old male friends will come down and stay at our house in Hampshire.


To be able to play Jack Kerouac or Sal Paradise, it's mad to me.


Being rejected is not nice, and it never gets any easier no matter where you are in your career.


My parents didn't want me to be an actor.

They didn't think I could take the rejection, and I have to say they were probably right.


I've always taken a lot of exercise - I get a bit depressed if I don't.

In terms of food, I'm a bit of a grazer.


I'm worried about losing my hair. I think if I lost my hair, I'd lose a lot of parts. And I don't want to get fat. I'm always worried about that.


The ability to suspend reality and go into a make-believe world can be really, really difficult if there's something really big going on.


I know one thing - if I didn't have TV and theatre and radio, the world would be a much more boring place.