I just keep my game plan the same and try to just go out there and be efficient and attack the strike zone.

— Scott Kazmir

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I wouldn't take anything away from Tampa Bay. We're in one of the toughest divisions there is.


Nobody taught me my slider. I mean, if you look at my grip, I don't think anyone has the same grip as I do. It's a separate grip. I hold it kind of weird and everything. When I started throwing it, I just wanted to start throwing something different and came up with that. I turned it a little bit.


This is a dream for me, it really is, to be the leader of a staff going into the season.


I try to listen to people, coaches and other pitchers, and see what they do and how they try to do it. Then I try to find a way that's comfortable for me.


I'm a whole new pitcher. I'm more comfortable with all of my pitches.


It's worth everything to be in the World Series.