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Whatever your (unfavorable) situation is, it is a good idea to ask yourself "WHAT YOU WOULD DO if you were free of it." An alcoholic's wife might wish her husband would stop drinking...On examination of her beliefs, she may discover she was frightened of not achieving her own goals and actually encouraged the alcoholism so she would not have to face her own failure. — Seth Roberts

Mainstream media: 80% stuff someone told them. 10% stupidity. 10% arrogance. — Seth Roberts

I want to assure you that regardless of your circumstances, age, or sex, you can indeed start over, re-arousing from within yourself those earlier, more innocent expectations, feelings and beliefs. It is much better if you can imagine this endeavor more in the light of children's play, in fact, rather than think of it as a deadly serious adult pursuit. — Seth Roberts

The child plays at being an adult long before he is one, and so you can play with more desirable beliefs while you are still growing into that more beneficial picture. — Seth Roberts

No one can change your beliefs for you, nor can they be forced upon you from without. — Seth Roberts

You must learn to deal with your own beliefs directly or you will be forced to deal with them indirectly. — Seth Roberts

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