The Big Cactus... because if you come too close, you're gonna get stuck.

— Shaquille O'Neal

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Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.


They shot the ball well early. What comes out of the microwave hot doesn't always stay hot. I know, because I eat bagels in the morning.

Shaquille O'Neal quote There are seven days in the week and som

There are seven days in the week and someday isn't one of them.


The stats win nothing. I'm still sexy. I'm still great.


Once the Hack-a-Shaq works once, you know I'm going to see it again.

The only thing worse for basketball than that defense is the Lack-a-Shaq offense, where I have to go to the bench because of foul trouble. There is no fun in that.


No one calls me out, I'm from LSU.


I had orders from the great Bill Russell.

Me and him were talking in Seattle the other day, and he was telling me how rivalries should be. I asked him if he ever disliked anybody he played against, and he told me, 'No, never,' and he told me that I should shake Kobe Bryant's hand and let bygones be bygones and bury the hatchet.


I am aware that most people only see me as Shaq.

.. the guy on the court. But there is another side to who I am, Shaquille O'Neal. And Shaquille O'Neal wants to explore every part of life. He wants the opportunity to pursue all of his desires. That includes being a part of the music industry as an MC. Music is and will always be a part of who I am.


If you're going to hire an assassin, let him go out and kill someone.

I can't be Shaq taking six or seven shots.


Yeah, D-Wade called me up last night and said that he saw some film of me in high school and thinks that my form then was better and that I should shoot like that. I told him I'd think about it and then my pops called and said something like that so I decided to revert back and then.


I'm going back to the old Shaq. I was normal last year - I was an earthling last summer. I had to go back to my alien roots.


I'm not going to try to go out there and outdo him. I don't have to try to outdo him, I'm Shaq.


Somebody asked me about this the other day.

A young Shaq and a young Penny, the young Shaq's going to take over. A medium Shaq and a young Kobe, the medium Shaq is going to take over. Now you've got an older Shaq and a young Dwyane; you step aside, you let him do his thing and you just do what's asked of you.


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He could be dominant - if he played in the WNBA.


If you've got a Corvette that runs into a brick wall, you know what's going to happen. He's a Corvette. I'm a brick wall.


This summer is going to be a different summer for a lot of people.

Everyone is going to take care of their own business and everyone is going to do what's best for them, including me.


The Spurs are a great WNBA team.


I'm dominant every night. I come in every night and get beat up. I never make a face when they try to flagrant or hack-a-Shaq me, because I'm not from this planet. Earthlings don't faze me.


If you want Shaq to be Shaq, you've got to remember that Shaq is known for wreaking havoc offensively - 26,000-plus points without consistently making free throws. Don't have me doing something I'm not used to doing. I ain't used to being a pick-setter. Let me badda-bing, badda-bang.


Excellence is a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.


The Big Cactus. I will stick you.


I really get motivated when I have doubters.


We're focusing on the whole pie, not a slice.

A slice is good, but it's not good enough to get you fat. We're trying to get fat.


Tell Yao Ming, 'Ching-chong-yang-wah-ah-soh.'


I'm tired of hearing about money, money, money, money, money.

I just want to play the game, drink Pepsi, wear Reebok.


Kobe always tried to be a hero. But you know, as the saying goes, a hero ain't nothing but a sandwich.


I endorse only products I actually use.

Like Wheaties keeps offering me money, but I don't eat Wheaties, so I can't do it. Now, if Rice Krispies or Frosted Flakes offered me a deal, I'd take it right away. Apple Jacks, I'd be on the box in a heartbeat. Apple Shaqs. Yeah.


Some things you just can't question. Like you can't question why two plus two is four. So don't question it, don't try to look it up. I don't know who made it, all I know is it was put in my head that two plus two is four. So certain things happen. Why does it rain? Why am I so sexy? I don't know.


Anyone can win a slam-dunk contest. The real Superman is dead. He was assassinated by Pat Riley. I'm the Big Cactus now and ready to roll again.


I just want everyone to know I'm suing Ruben Studdard.

He had his hand on my ass and he wouldn't let go.


Sometimes I feel like the Tom Hanks character in Big.

But my life is not a movie. I never have to go back to Coney Island to find the fortune-teller machine so I have to grow up again.


I started out as a young Ninja and killed all of the Shoguns.

I am a Shogun now and I'm holding my spot. There probably won't be another Shogun after this.


If you don't stick to simplicity, you'll die a horrible death.


One time, I put up 40, 50 points dunking on Shawn Bradley.

After the game, he brought his family over. He was like, 'This is my wife. She wants to take a picture.' I'm like, 'Nice to meet you.' I smile into the camera, take the picture, and then feel guilty about dunking on him so many times.


My secret? See it, and stay focused on it.


A lot of times when I buy a lot of toys, I get a little jealous and keep one or two for myself. So I've got a couple of drones. I've got a couple of remote-control cars. I like to have fun


Pluto is not a planet, but I am.


I'm always ready for a change. I'm Irish. I'm a leprechaun.


As my great friend Aristotle said, 'If you cannot command, you must learn to listen.' I'm not the hierarchy here. I am a worker bee.


There was a kid that had five brothers and sisters, and the family was missing for like five days. I was watching TV, they [found each other] and now they're in San Antonio. So I bought them a little apartment in San Antonio. But I'm doing stuff like that all over.


I make the game easy. Double and triple me, I'll kick it out to you for a wide-open shot. I'll add years to your career.


You guys make the rules up, so a foul is a foul.

It doesn't matter if a guy is bigger and stronger. It's not my fault I ate my Frosted Flakes when I was little, and you ate Wheaties.


How did Mike Bibby get on the team? Any Cub Scout with Boy Scouts can do Boy Scoutish things. When Bibby was in the Cub Scouts, he was a Cub Scout. When he was with Vancouver, nobody heard about him. Now that he's with Sacramento... he's on the team. I ain't going.


I'm an unorthodox type of guy, a funny guy - at least I think I'm funny.

And one of the things I like to do is come up with nicknames for myself.


If you take a needle and stick her in the booty and take a needle and stick me in the booty, we're both going to say ouch.


But, hey I did everything the right way and earned my spot in this game, nothing was given to me.


He's a jokester, and that's funny, very funny. Ha-ha. Very funny.


It was a cheap shot. They won the game, move on. My thing is, I don't ask for a lot, but I demand my respect, especially from a guy like that.


Because I grew up with a drill sergeant in my life, I respect order and it really gave me the discipline to be a leader and not a follower. It also helped me stay out of trouble.


This is a tough game. There are times when you've got to play hurt, when you've got to block out the pain.