Those old adages - you attract more with honey; do unto others - are true. You can get attention by being acerbic or mean or making a bizarre comment. But by being nice, being empathetic, building relationships and listening, people begin to recognize that you're thoughtful and respectful of their position.

— Shelley Moore Capito

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The president's come out with rules that say 'no new coal-fired power plants.’


Violence against women is not random or anonymous.

In West Virginia, 88 percent of sexual-assault victims already know their attacker. In my hometown, Alicia McCormick, an advocate for our domestic-violence shelter at the YWCA, was killed in her home by a man doing handiwork in her apartment complex. That one of my greatest advocates could fall victim to something she fought against her whole life was a tragedy that moved me to action.


No matter what your decisions are, no matter what your votes are, if youre not playing by the rules, youre taking a big risk.


My solution would be to bridge the skills gap, such as coal to gas training, you have to give people a sense of hope that they have the tools to be able to diversify and stay in the community where they wish to live.