The three most important things a manager does: One is get the money. Two is always remember to get the money. Three is never forget to always remember to get the money.

— Shep Gordon

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I was lucky with my parents, for my mom and my dad particularly, much more than my mom, who was very compassionate and loving to everyone. And then, as I got into my career, I started and other people started to realize that I was good at it.


I think a problem for most people in a fiduciary capacity is to eliminate self and greed and all those things so that they can actually be in a fiduciary capacity where the artist comes first or the client, whoever the client happens to be.


I've always warned my clients about fame being very dangerous, and unfortunately, they need to be famous to make a living, but not to be flippant with it, that it could kill them, and to always keep their eye on it. There was no reason for me to do it. I don't make my money off fame, not my fame.

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