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Accurate and famous quotes by Sir John Lubbock. Motivational, love, restraint, teaching, worry are the favorite topics of this English banker. Read the best of all time and enjoy Top 10 lists, which can be shared with your friends and family.

  1. What we see depends mainly on what we look for.

  2. A wise system of education will at last teach us how little man yet knows, how much he has still to learn.

  3. Before buying anything, it is well to ask if one could do without it.

  4. When we have done our best, we should wait the result in peace.

  5. Happiness is a thing to be practiced, like the violin.

  6. Your character will be what you yourself choose to make it.

  7. Our duty is to believe that for which we have sufficient evidence, and to suspend our judgment when we have not.

  8. Sunsets are so beautiful that they almost seem as if we were looking through the gates of Heaven.

  9. Our ambition should be to rule ourselves, the true kingdom for each one of us; and true progress is to know more, and be more, and to do more.

  10. Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.

  11. Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time.

  12. Don't be afraid of showing affection. Be warm and tender, thoughtful and affectionate. Men are more helped by sympathy than by service. Love is more than money, and a kind word will give more pleasure than a present.

  13. In truth, people can generally make time for what they choose to do; it is not really the time but the will that is lacking.

  14. We often hear of people breaking down from overwork, but in nine out of ten they are really suffering from worry or anxiety.

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About Sir John Lubbock

Name Sir John Lubbock
About John Lubbock, 1st Baron Avebury, 4th Baronet, PC, DL, FRS, known as Sir John Lubbock, 4th Baronet from 1865 until 1900, was an English banker, Liberal
Quotes 14 quotes
Nationality English
Profession Banker
Birthday April 30, 1834
Top topics motivational, love, restraint, teaching, worry

Where is Sir John Lubbock from? Sir John Lubbock is English who said awesome wise words. Well-known and respected in English society for wise sayings. The following quotations and images represent the English nature embed in Sir John Lubbock's character.

What Sir John Lubbock was famous for? Sir John Lubbock is famous banker with many good quotes. Influential and well recognized banker all over the world. Browse a lot of Sir John Lubbock books and reference books with quotes from Sir John Lubbock on Amazon.

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Sir John Lubbock is famous for his passion about motivational, love, restraint, teaching, worry. Check out great quotations and affirmations on these topics.


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When was Sir John Lubbock birthday? Sir John Lubbock was born on April 30, 1834.

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