There are four principles we need to maintain: First, read the Word of God. Second, consume the Word of God until it consumes you. Third believe the Word of God. Fourth, act on the Word.

— Smith Wigglesworth

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Great faith is the product of great fights.

Great testimonies are the outcome of great tests. Great triumphs can only come out of great trials.


The devil knows if he can capture your thought life he has won a mighty victory over you.


If you seek nothing but the will of God, He will always put you in the right place at the right time.


God's Word never fails. He will always heal you if you dare to believe Him. Men are searching everywhere today for things with which they can heal themselves, and they ignore the fact that the Balm of Gilead (Jeremiah 8:22) is within easy reach.


To hunger and thirst after righteousness is when nothing in the world can fascinate us so much as being near God.


I am not moved by what I see. I am moved only by what I believe.


The secret of spiritual success is a hunger that persists…It is an awful condition to be satisfied with one’s spiritual attainments…God was and is looking for hungry, thirsty people.


God never intended His people to be ordinary or commonplace.

His intentions were that they should be on fire for Him, conscious of His divine power, realizing the glory of the cross that foreshadows the crown.


The power of God will take you out of your own plans and put you into the plan of God.


When the saint ceases to seek after holiness, purity, righteousness, truth;

when he ceases to pray, stops reading the Word and gives way to carnal appetites, then it is that Satan comes.


It is one to say you have faith and another to be in a tight corner and prove it.


When things are not going right, there are satanic forces in operation.

What is my solution? To rebuke the condition of sin, death, disease, or whatever it is. I can pray in the Holy Ghost, and that prayer is effectual to bring down every stronghold of the enemy.


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Enter into the promises of God. It is your inheritance. You will do more in one year if you are really filled with the Holy Ghost than you could do in fifty years apart from Him.


God wants to purify our minds until we can bear all things, believe all things, hope all things, and endure all things. God dwells in you, but you cannot have this divine power until you live and walk in the Holy Ghost, until the power of the new life is greater than the old life.


Before God could bring me to this place He has broken me a thousand times.


There is nothing small about our God, and when we understand God we will find out that there ought not to be anything small about us. We must have an enlargement of our conception of God, then we will know that we have come to a place where all things are possible, for our God is an omnipotent God for impossible positions.


I find nothing in the Bible but holiness, and nothing in the world but worldliness. Therefore, if I live in the world, I will become worldly; on the other hand, if I live in the Bible, I will become holy.


Real faith has perfect peace and joy and a shout at any time. It always sees the victory.


The trouble is that we do not have the power of God in a full manifestation because of our finite thoughts, but as we go on and let God have His way, there is no limit to what our limitless God will do in response to a limitless faith. But you will never get anywhere except you are in constant pursuit of all the power of God.


If I read the newspaper I come out dirtier than I went in.

If I read my Bible, I come out cleaner than I went in, and I like being clean!


Praise is God's sunlight in the heart.

It destroys sin germs. It ripens the fruits of the Spirit. It is the oil of gladness that lubricates life's activities.


I can get more out of God by believing Him for one minute than by shouting at Him all night.


Perfect love will never want the preeminence in everything, it will never want to take the place of another, it will always be willing to take the back seat.


How can one come to possess great faith? Now listen, here is the answer to that: First, the blade, then the ear, then the full corn in the ear. Faith must grow by soil, moisture, and exercise.


I want you to promise the Lord that, from tonight, you will not think back, look back, or act back!


Nothing in the world glorifies God so much as simple rest of faith in what God’s Word says.


Pentecost came with the sound of a mighty rushing wind, a violent blast from heaven! Heaven has not exhausted its blasts, but our danger is we are getting frightened of them.


It is impossible to overestimate the importance of being filled with the Spirit.


There are two sides to this Baptism: The first is, you possess the Spirit;

The second is that the Spirit possesses you.


There are two kinds of faith. There is the natural faith. But the supernatural faith is the gift of God.


I never get out of bed in the morning without having communion with God in the Spirit.


God's canopy is over you and will cover you at all times, preserving you from evil.


Great faith is the product of great fights.


Fear looks; faith jumps. Faith never fails to obtain its object. If I leave you as I found you, I am not God's channel. I am not here to entertain you, but to get you to the place where you can laugh at the impossible.


You must be yielded to the Word of God.

The Word will work out love in our hearts, and when practical love is in our hearts, there is no room to boast about ourselves. We see ourselves as nothing when we get lost in this divine love.


The living Word is able to destroy Satanic forces.


Wherever the Holy Ghost has right of way, the gifts of the Spirit will be in manifestation; and where these gifts are never in manifestation, I question whether He is present.


Live in the Acts of the Apostles, and every day you will see some miracle worked by the power of the living God.


Believe that when you come into the presence of God you can have all you came for. You can take it away, and you can use it, for all the power of God is at your disposal in response to your faith.


I believe that God wants to put His hand upon us so that we may reach ideal definitions of humility, of human helplessness, of human insufficiency, until we will rest no more upon human plans, but have God's thoughts, God's voice, and the Holy Spirit to speak to us.


There is a fruit of the Spirit that must accompany the gift of healing and that is longsuffering.


I am never happier in the Lord than when I am in a bedroom with a sick person.


Desire toward God and you will have desires from God and He will meet you on the line of those desires when you reach out in simple faith.


The Spirit reveals, unfolds, takes of the things of Christ and shows them to us, and prepares us to be more than a match for Satanic forces.


The Word of God will bring you into a wonderful place of rest in faith.


The moment a man falls into sin, divine life ceases to flow, and his life becomes one of helplessness.


It pays to trust God with all and to make no reservation.


Great triumphs can only come out of great trials


Without faith, you have nothing. You cannot be saved without it. You cannot be healed without it.