Sometimes I see players that think, and you can tell they're thinking of the next phrase to play or the next thing to do, the next little cute trick, and that's sad, man, you know. That's not makin' music; that's puttin' together puzzles, you know. Music should flow from you and it should be a force; it should be feeling, all feeling, man.

โ€” Sonny Sharrock

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I believe in knowing all you can about the music and the people who made the music. I think it's much more important to know some good Miles Davis stories than to know how to play like Miles. I think you'll play better if you know some of the funny things he did than if you know the licks that he played.


I go out on stage, and my intention is to make the first four rows bleed from their ears.


Iโ€™ve been trying to find a way for the terror and the beauty to live together in one song. I know itโ€™s possible.