People don't have to believe in you for you to succeed. Just work hard, when you succeed, they will believe.

— Stephen Keshi

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Our audacity to rise from our losses makes Nigeria the number one footballing nation in Africa!


Senzo Meyiwa was just a young kid and was already becoming one of the best goalkeepers in Africa.


My future does not depend on me but on any decision by the Togo federation.


Why would you want to bring a foreign coach? Why? If you bring a foreign coach, you might as well bring foreign players, white players to play for Nigeria. If you bring a European coach, he should also bring oyinbo (white) players. That's how it is.


I want to work for Nigeria, my blood is here.

I captained this team for 14 years, and it is my country. But you people think if there is no Super Eagles we won't exist. I came from another country to coach the Super Eagles so don't think if we don't win my career is over, no. It's just starting.


If you lose, it's the coach's fault and if you win, the players are credible, they are indispensable, so whatever happens it's going to be the coach.


I remember when Samuel Okwaraji died on the field, I was mute and I didn't even know what I was doing or what I was saying.


Every game is very difficult, no game is easy.

All games are hard, but just different. So we just have to get ourselves prepared for every particular match because of the intensity and so on.


I heard the South African 'keeper had been killed and I thought it was probably one of their former goalkeepers, but when I confirmed it was Senzo Meyiwa, I was shattered.


It's always good to have your players with you, it makes you feel great.

That is just it. The coach and the players understand one another but people outside don't understand. But it's good to see him, it's good to see all the players.


Mfon Udoh is a good player and I've had him before I know the quality he has.

And I believe this is a lesson that everything is all about time, that everybody's time will come and if you're doing well your time will surely come.


It's not going to determine whether I will remain with Nigeria or not.

I don't have a contract and I'm not depending on this match to give me a contract. So please don't think I will die in the Nigeria job.


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I felt sorry for Senzo Meyiwa family and for the people of South Africa because it's a shame we lost such a huge talent. In all the games he had played I think he didn't concede any goal.


Who are we to ask God if it is his will.