Muhāsaba is your best selfie.

— Suhaib Webb

The most attractive Suhaib Webb quotes that will add value to your life

You can't push anything to happen if you can't push a blanket off your body at fajr.


I had a lot of trouble accepting God as a human being.


Attachments stir the soul, ignite the emotions. Guard what moves you, reserving that for the truth.


Relationships can't blossom unless there is meaningful communication.

That's why 'supplication is the key to worship.' It is a sign of meaningful communication between God and a person.


This life is the greatest lie ever told and the hereafter is the greatest truth ever unknown


When someone hurts you or harms you, even if it is a deep wound, forgive them.

Forgive them NOT for their sake, but as a sign of gratitude to Allah. Why you ask? For making you the victim and not the oppressor. There is no crime in being a victim, rather it brings you closer to Allah and rids you of sins. But as for the oppressor, they'll have to face their Lord one day. So in reality, they are their own greatest victims.


Radicalization does not happen to young people with a strong grounding in the American Muslim mainstream; increasingly, it happens online, and sometimes abroad, among the isolated and disaffected.


You might be far from Allah, but, He is close to you! Turn to Him and you will find Him.


Whoever makes sujood to Allah properly, will never make sujood to the duniya.