The secret of the receptive Must be sought in stillness; Within stillness there remains The potential for action.

— Sun Bu'er

The most powerful Sun Bu'er quotes that will activate your inner potential

A springlike autumn's balmy breeze reaches afar.

The sun shines on the house of a recluse South of the river; They encourage the December apricots To burst into bloom: A simplehearted person Faces the simplehearted flowers.


The relic from before birth Enters one's heart one day.

Be as careful as if you were holding a full vessel, Be as gentle as if you were caressing an infant. The gate of earth should be shut tight, The portals of heaven should be first opened. Wash the yellow sprouts clean, And atop the mountain is thunder shaking the earth.


Cut brambles long enough, Sprout after sprout, And the lotus will bloom Of its own accord: Already waiting in the clearing, The single image of light. The day you see this, That day you will become it.


When you've cooked the marrow of the sun and moon, The pearl is so bright you don't worry about poverty.

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