I was very focused, driven, rigid, work-oriented. I didn't care about having a family or making a home. I didn't think about kids. It's not that I didn't want those things, I just didn't think about them. And then I had someone who came in as a tornado, this creative, beautiful ball of insane energy and passion. And it completely opened me up.

— Susan Downey

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If there was no Hollywood, no next movie, no deal at Warner Brothers, no place in Malibu or Venice, I would still be really happy.


We've been spending this kind of ramp up time from the time we started the company to now with a lot of different projects in development. What we aren't doing is saying, "We have to do this, this and this." Because the "this, this and this" might not be ready and you don't want to go and make something that's not ready.


Warner Bros., where I spent pretty much most of my professional life, they continue to make a lot of movies but so many of the studios are pulling back.


I'll put it this way, there was no C.

P. Kennedy, there was no Dwight Dickham, we never went in the courtroom. That was the script I got. The affliction that the judge is suffering from was completely different.


I had no interest in really becoming an actress or doing that kind of thing I just knew that I wanted to do something in making films.


I have no idea why, and this is others' observations of me - I tend to be in the realm of these very complicated personalities. I guess I enjoy corralling that.


I get bored really easily. I get bored with people really easily. I get bored with routine easily. I don’t like things that are average, or normal. I care if I have the best – in the world about that - just wanting that great light that everybody looks at and goes ‘Ahhh’. I feel like that’s what I’ve found in my partner.


We've been playing a lot with television.

We have some shows set up and then some new shows that are about to be set up. That's gonna be kind of a fun thing for us as producers.


What I saw over all that time were so many deals disappearing and producers disappearing, fewer movies getting made, and it just being a bit more difficult. Working with Joel, we were in a bit of a bubble because he was always making things that were working for the studio and that kind of thing. We were always in production on something.


A long way of saying I've seen a lot of kind of more systemic and processed changes. Although we still are providing the kind of material you're still seeing out there now.

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