God is not preparing the Blessing for YOU, He is preparing YOU for the Blessing

— T. D. Jakes

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Too many people want the appearance of winning rather than the practices and hard work that create a true champion.


God's not going to promote you because you have a dream, He's going to promote you because you've maximized where you are so now you're ready to go to the next level.


I found out that the things that hurt us the most can become the fuel and the catalyst that propel us toward our destiny. It will either make you bitter or it will make you better.


If you think down, you will go down. If you think up, you will go up. You’ll always travel in the direction of your thinking.


Don't allow your past or present condition to control you.

It's just a process that you're going through to get you to the next level.


Surround yourself with people whose definition of you is not based on your history, but your destiny.


You don't know how much you've grown- until trouble comes back for an encore.


If you don’t find a way to love a flawed person, secretly you’re teaching yourself that you are not lovable because of your flaws.


Never make a permanent decision based on a temporary storm.

. No matter how raging the billows are today, remind yourself: "This too shall pass!"


If you can't figure out your purpose, figure out your passion.

For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.


God's grace and mercy have brought you through. Quit acting as if you made it on your own.


When people walk away from you, let them go.

Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you, and it doesn't mean they are bad people. It just means that their part in your story is over.


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Come hell or high water you will never take me back to the place I was before.

I have been through too much to let life whoop me again. My faith is stronger than it's ever been, my mind is more tenacious than it's ever been, my soul is more absolute.


You can't be who you are going to be and who you used to be at the same time.


When you begin to realize that your past does not necessarily dictate the outcome of your future, then you can release the hurt. It is impossible to inhale new air until you exhale the old.


Not everyone will be happy when you begin to better yourself.

Those who are for you will not just celebrate in your triumphs, but they will also pray with you through your tribulations.


Real value isn’t in what you own, drive, wear or live.

The greater value is found in love and life, health and strength, friends and family!


You must realize that if you are going to reach the heights you have been called to reach, you may elicit some criticism from those who are jealous, petty or angry because they were left behind.


Stress and worry is a residual of relying on yourself and being your own god, in control of everything. Worship allows us to rely on God's power to steer us through life.


There are some fires you can't get out of- you've got to go through the fire - you've got to go through the flood - you've got to go through the test - you've got to go through the struggle that you might decrease and he might increase.


Sometimes what makes us insecure and vulnerable becomes the fuel we need to be overachievers. The antidote for a snakebite is made from the poison, and the thing that made you go backward is the same force that will push you forward.


You’d be surprised at the things that look great on the outside but are dysfunctional on the inside. Be sure to function as good as you look


There’s something you learn from helping other people with their dreams that prepares you for your own.


There is a higher power, a higher influence, a God who rules and reigns and controls circumstances and situations that are beyond your area and realm of authority.


Face the giants in your life, slay them, and move on.

Do not be daunted by the mistakes and failures in your life.


When God blesses you, don't let no devil in hell move you out of your place of blessing!


You cannot embrace your destiny if you do not let go of your history.


I believe it is our attitude that determines our altitude.

It is our attitude that allows us to soar above those things that would otherwise overcome us.


The lifting up of the woman does not require the tearing down of the man.

In fact, a strong woman appreciates a strong man. Conversely, a strong man is not intimidated by a strong woman.


Somebody is n the hospital begging God for the opportunity u have right now. Step into your moment.


No matter where you are in life right now, know this: God put you on this earth to fulfill the promise He has predestined for your life.


Being angry is human. Staying angry is foolish.


Some of the best people with whom you can have a relationship are the people who challenge your thinking.


The most dangerous thing in the world is to have no purpose.


If you already understand your purpose, are you prepared to change your plans to match God’s will? If you aren’t, you can easily become bitter because things that used to work for you may no longer work. Be willing to transition at every stage and age of life. If your heart is open and you have an open mind, the blessings will flow.


You don't even have to be the one praying, but if you get around somebody who really know how to pray-prayer will lift you when you've fallen, prayer will catch you when you've lost your grip, prayer will stop you from going overboard, prayer will bring you out!


If you dont like the way your life is going, redesign it.

Redeem the years you lost. Restore your vision, revive your passion for living, and reclaim what was dormant inside of you. I cannot give you the dream but I can give you the tools to reach the dreams you have inside.


Many of us harbor hidden low self-esteem.

We deem everything and everyone more important that ourselves and think that meeting their needs is more important than meeting our own. But if you run out of gas, everyone riding with you will be left stranded.


My mother would take the Band-Aid off, clean the wound, and say, "Things that are covered don't heal well." Mother was right. Things that are covered do not heal well.


Life's a university that'll teach you lessons, regardless of your desire to pass the “class” or not, there is always something else to learn


To those of us who often procrastinate on the decision we feel intimidated by lack of education or any area of weakness. I relieve you with this statement: It is not how much you know that arms you with the tools of great decision making, but rather how much you ask. Ask questions.


It is important to remember that for every person, there will be a problem.

Even more importantly, for every problem, our God has a prescription!


A whole woman will always attract a whole man.

And when they touch, they will fuse to create a whole marriage. Ultimately, when the time is right, they will produce whole children.


If you have achieved any level of success, then pour it into someone else.

Success is not success without a successor.


We have a tendency to want the other person to be a finished product while we give ourselves the grace to evolve.


Sometimes we esteem others more important than ourselves.

We always become the martyr. It is wonderful to be self-sacrificing, but watch out for self-disdain! If we don’t apply some of the medicine that we use on others to strengthen ourselves, our patients will be healed and we will be dying.


When you were built to be tall, you will endanger your position if you lower your perspective


Don't come into the presence of God to impress Him with something He gave you!


Big ideas come from forward thinking people who challenge the norm, think outside the box, and invent the world they see inside rather than submitting to the limitations of current dilemmas