A flower that grow in the ghetto know more about survival than the one from fresh meadows.

— Talib Kweli

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I think all those artists are artists who are appreciated because you believe their words and you appreciate their honesty in their music. If you don't appreciate the honesty in the music, the beat can be fly as hell but you'll never give an emcee props.


Skip the religion and politics, head straight to the compassion. Everything else is a distraction.


I ignored your aura but it grabbed me by the hand, like the moon pulled the tide, and the tide pulled the sand.

Talib Kweli quote Life without knowledge is death in disgu

Life without knowledge is death in disguise.


Do the math: You never settle for less than the whole if you knew the half.


You gotta get back to your essence, Use your gifts and share your presence, Don't count your dollars 'til you count your blessings.


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Life without knowledge is death in disguise.


The beautiful thing about hip-hop is it's like an audio collage.

You can take any form of music and do it in a hip-hop way and it'll be a hip-hop song. That's the only music you can do that with.


If lyrics sold then truth be told/I'd probably be just as rich and famous as Jay-Z.


I'm at a loss for words. But even my loss is amplified.


You know, there's a lot of activism that doesn't deal with empowerment, and you have to empower yourself in order to be relevant to any type of struggle.


When you shine bright, some won't enjoy the shadow you cast.


We get high on all types of drugs when, all you really need is Love


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If you ain't using all the talents God provided you with For the betterment of Man, understand, You ain't nothing but a waste.


Nowadays rap artists coming half-hearted, Commercial like pop, or underground like black markets. Where were you the day hip-hop died? Is it too early to mourn? Is it too late to ride?


A true artist does not depend on radio for success.

A true fan does not let radio determine what they support


I don't care if Rick Ross is 40 years old -- he's a misguided 40-year-old person.


I think once you're in the public eye, whether you're a boss, a teacher or whatever you do, that you're automatically in the position of role model. You have people looking up to you, so whether you choose to accept it or not is a different question.


I think hip hop is a dance music that's rebellious by nature.


Life is a beautiful struggle.


You have to know when to be arrogant.

You have to when to be humble. You have to know when to be hard and you have to know when to be soft.


My fondest memories were watching the Beastie Boys get prepped to come on stage.

They had a lot of antics and they play a lot of basketball... then they were giving out cameras to the crowd, and performing from the bleachers. The most important thing I learned was that you control your crowd, not the other way around.


When I met you it was magic... We polar opposites, but attracted like we was magnets.


The only way for me to be an artist is to be honest in my craft.

If I veer from that, I'm not giving the investors what they want. Sometimes it's my job as an artist to know what I want to do, even when the fans tell me different.


People didn't really take white rappers seriously until Eminem, because he was better than everybody. Like female emcees, you need to be like Lauryn Hill or Nicki Minaj or killing everything before somebody takes you seriously.


But it becomes disrespectful when the artist's process is not respected.


You gotta eat right, you gotta have healthy habits, you know, and balance out your decadence with a healthy lifestyle during the day.


My musical influence is really from my father.

He was a DJ in college. My parents met at New York University. So he listened to, you know, Motown, and he listened to Bob Dylan. He listened to Grateful Dead and Rolling Stones, but he also listened to reggae music. And he collected vinyl.


We're in an illusion about what our role is in world politics and foreign affairs, and our policies are killing and destroying and doing a lot of things that we are not aware of.


Well if somebody's giving me a script, I'll consider it. But it's not something I'm chasing.


Young kids should be doing music that has shock value. They'll grow out of it.


And you know, art as commerce, doesn't really make too much sense, they don't go together.


What's more condescending and corny than someone telling you how much more money they have than you and telling you basically, 'I don't care about poor people,' which is a large part of what you hear of corporate hip-hop on the radio.


Honestly, you have to take care of yourself. That's probably something I have learned on the road.


The most important time in history is - NOW - the present, So count your blessings cause time can't define the essence.


Ain't nobody making music to not be heard and the easiest way to be heard is to be on the radio, but you should never compromise who you are, your values or your morals.


Hip-hop is a vehicle.


It doesn't get any more underground, conscious or indie than Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, but because they got a couple of really big pop hits, actually some of the biggest pop hits that hip-hop has ever seen, people are missing that part of their story. People are not counting that blessing.


I don't feel comfortable making empty music.


God gave us music, so we play with our words.


There are staples to my show. I have to be conscious about switching things up because I know people who saw me last year will say, 'He did that last time.' But if certain things work, they work.


I like the fact that I can rep New York, but my style does not - I'm not trapped in a New York thing. I can do art songs with other artists and it's seamless.


Once you're signed to a label you compromise.


Homosexuality in hip-hop is an extension of homosexuality in the black community. The black community is very, very conservative when it comes to homosexuality, and I don't mean conservative in the good way, like we're saving money. I mean very intolerant.


A lot of these people, these program directors, just like anybody else in the world, even though they're supposed to be leaders in the world, they're followers. They follow what they think someone else is doing, instead of trying to blaze a trail.


I listened to a mind joint, and I wanted to do my own version of it, and what you hear on my mixtape is my take on what the whole CD sounds like.


Woman are complex creatures.


They hope for the Apocalypse like a self-fulfilling prophecy Tell me when do we stop it? Do they ask you your religion before you rent an apartment? Is the answer burning Korans so that we can defend Islamics?


The way I see it, if people truly love my music, they will support me in some way down the road.


Artists look at the environment, and the best artists correctly diagnose the problem. I'm not saying artists can't be leaders, but that's not the job of art, to lead. Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Harry Belafonte - there are artists all through history who have become leaders, but that was already in them, nothing to do with their art.

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