I think a part of being successful or trying to be successful is staying true to who you are. Be genuine.

— Tessanne Chin

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Music for me is not just being on a stage and singing. It's my coping mechanism.


Being born in Jamaica, race was never an issue.

It was always about the type of person I wanted to be, not the colour of my skin.


I think when you are a cool guy but also a hot guy, that makes you even more sexy.


There's no Limit for me, and no limit I'm willing to put on myself where doing what I love is concerned. I was born to do what I am doing now, and just the fact that I'm able to be having a career in music and doing what I love everyday, and reaching the ears and hearts of people is for me in a sense. Success and yes... a dream come true.


Off stage, Im very quiet and very reserved and kind of shy.


I want to make an album with just great beats and big vocals and just amazing lyrics.


I think on stage theres a side of me that comes out thats very fierce and confident.


I was at a family friend's house and in true Jamaican style we celebrated with food. I relived every single emotionit was a moving experience. I am super-happy with all the love and support I am getting from my Jamaicans and Caribbean people.


It was during this [as a kid] time that I came out of my shell vocally and performance wise, I learned how to really and truly sing in a different way.... my way. It was an amazing experience because I also realized my lifelong dream - to sing my own songs...I have something to say and it was a great release for me to share that part of myself with others.


It is very important to me that my songs can sound amazing with a big band or orchestra, but just as powerful and touching with just me and my guitar.


I think a lot of my dreams have come true, and my next dream is to have a No.

1 selling album. A Grammy-award-winning album.