We rarely think of the air we breathe, yet it is in us and around us all the time. In similar fashion, the presence of God penetrates us, is all around us, is always embracing us.

— Thomas Keating

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We are kept from the experience of Spirit because our inner world is cluttered with past traumas . . . As we begin to clear away this clutter, the energy of divine light and love begins to flow through our being.


If one completes the journey to one's own heart, one will find oneself in the heart of everyone else.


Psychotherapy is what God has been secretly doing for centuries by other names;

that is, he searches through our personal history and heals what needs to be healed - the wounds of childhood or our own self-inflicted wounds.


Perhaps the shortest and most powerful prayer in human language is help.


The spiritual traditions of all the religions have certain similarities that are unmistakable. They share many of the same basic practices like sacred reading, spiritual guidance, moderation in eating, drinking and sexual expression, and above all, trying to be aware of the presence of God in other people and in everyday life.


Just by the very nature of our birth, we are on the spiritual journey.


In human relationships, as mutual love deepens, there comes a time when two friends convey their exchanges without words. They can sit in silence sharing an experience or simply enjoying each other's presence without saying anything.


The complementary movement towards divine love is growth in humility which is the acceptence of the reality about ourselves, our own weakness and limitations.


Over time we are able to undermine habitual modes of thinking formed by our self-made self in early childhood, which tries to squeeze happiness from the gratification of our desires for the symbols in our culture of survival and security, power and control, and affection and esteem.


Finding out what particular insights mean to people in other traditions enables us not only to respect but to love the wisdom of other religions.


Difficulties arise whenever a committed relationship is succeeding.

Love makes you vulnerable. . . . Your defenses relax and the dark side of your personality arises. . .


Only when we can accept God as he is can we give up the desire for spiritual experiences that we can feel.


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To become who we are as creatures made in the image and likeness of God, we have to be nothing and everything at once, since this is what God is. ... If we accept who we are, we are manifesting God and radiating Christ. The latter unfolding of the divine life within us does not need to go anywhere or do anything special.


Technology isn't fulfilling its promise of unlimited progress and solving every problem through technology. With the Enlightenment and its aftermath, there already was a general loss of confidence in the Western religions.


One of the values of centering prayer is that you are not thinking about God during the time of centering prayer so you are giving God a chance to manifest. In centering prayer there are moments of peace that give the psyche a chance to realize that God may not be so bad after all. God has a chance to be himself for a change.


Divine life is basically the inner freedom to choose the right and the good spontaneously.


The whole immigration issue suggests the inevitability of people in our time seeking economic security that they can't find at home, which usually involves bringing their religion with them. One's children are going to be married to people outside their religious traditions as well as inside.


Centering prayer is a training in letting go.


Science and technology has tried to offer an alternative to religion by making a god out of human reason, but that didn't work out too well.


In the Christian perspective, the love of God and of all other human beings invites us to share and enjoy not just the best of the human potential as it evolves, but participation in the divine life itself.


While doing centering prayer, the practice is to let go of any thought or perception. The priority is to be as silent as possible and when that is not possible to let the noise of the thoughts be the sacred symbol for a while, without analyzing them.


In centering prayer, the sacred word is not the object of the attention but rather the expression of the intention of the will.


If you accept the belief that baptism incorporates us in the mystical body of Christ, into the divine DNA, then you might say that the Holy Spirit is present in each of us, and thus we have the capacity for the fullness of redemption, of transformation.


It is essential for world peace that the world religions make peace with each other. If they don't, we can hardly expect the nations of the world to lay down their arms.


Science and technology have been embarrassed by two world wars, many smaller ones, and the spread of weapons that could destroy humanity. As a result, there is some loss of confidence in the great achievements of technology.


The capacity for emotional sobriety belongs to everybody in the human family and leads to a fully human response to the adventure and goodness of the gift of human life.


Every time you have a major breakthrough in self-knowledge, and see the way the divine works within your own psyche, external events, and interior experiences of the divine, you are transformed in some degree.


God seems willing to act as the most sublime psychologist, psychotherapist, or even psychiatrist if we are willing.


Religions have a special responsibility to encourage and inspire people to love planet earth, which as far as we know, is the only place in the cosmos that works in such a harmonious way that it can support intelligent life.


Your relationship with God, others, yourself, and all creation keeps changing for the better. Most of the world's religions have developed maps to describe this process.


By deepening the spiritual dialogue between the spiritual traditions of the various religions in a spirit of friendship, one begins to understand just what the classical terms of the various spiritual traditions really mean.


We need to develop the intuitive capacities of the brain that some geniuses have manifested over humanity's lengthy history.


It's obvious that humanity continues to be torn by religious violence.


Becoming fully rational is not enough anymore;

evidently it can lead to distortions of all the great human possibilities.


The divine therapy helps us integrate our animal nature with the new possibilities of rational consciousness.


Humility is the forgetfulness of self.


Union with God is really possible. Unity with God I presume, is what is meant by Heaven, but that too is available in this life for the humble of heart.


What I really wanted was to fall in love with God.

It's amazing what obstacles there are within us, or at least in me, that seem to slow this process.


To see everything in God and to see God in everything normally takes a lifetime of practice.


The word "emptiness" for example, is a very important word both in Christianity and in Buddhism. It has shades of meaning however, that are different in the respective traditions.


As the years go by, I find myself experiencing God's extraordinary concern, consideration, healing, and what I call in my books, the divine therapy.


God's first language is Silence. Everything else is a translation.


The wisdom of all religions has to be respected.

The discoveries of science are also essential for our time and the future.


We may experience moments of profound inner peace, a sense of oneness with nature, or a sense of something that is more important that we're not reaching by the usual goals of human society. Perhaps we could say there's a common heart to all the religions.


The best way to understand another person's religion is to listen to the story of what particular practices helped them to deepen and to embody their religion, especially its spirituality.


You should not take prayer too seriously.

There is something playful about God. You only have to look at a penguin ... to realize that He likes to play little jokes on creatures.


For us to remain in this world, our animal brain has to be there to support us.


Silence is God's language, and it's a very difficult language to learn.


One of the great purposes of religion itself is being hindered by an exclusive-ism that doesn't take into account the common elements and values that we actually share.

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