In my view the European culture carries a very heavy responsibility for the creation of Israel... it is a product of both British and Stalin's anti- Semitism, but the British never faced their own complicity in its construction.

— Tom Paulin

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You are either a Zionist or an anti-Zionist.


I think protest and actions have to be organised against the Israelis and their backers. There needs to be a concerted high profile campaign to raise awareness of the people in this country.


I think attacks on civilians in fact boost morale.


I don't think the British carry a historical consciousness either.


I am not very moved by historical apologies.


A truly vibrant and creative culture depends on a system of education which is not divided along class and sectarian lines.


Didn't I seize the fire of ideas and make them leap, tear, fly, sing


I always feel freelance writers are leading a heroic life.

I think that is the real writer's life. On the other hand, it's good to have another job. It gives you something to do.


All I do is read books, really. I worry about that sometimes. I don't seem to have a hobby or anything.


Hitler bombed London into submission but in fact it created a sense of national solidarity.


Everyone who supports Israel is a Zionist.


I think ideas should be flying about and banging into each other.

It is a kind of energy. If you occupy static positions, then things sort of ossify.


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I wish I could write lyrical poems, but I just write the way they come.


I'm kind of domestic, untidily so.


Ulysses is the greatest anti-racist text in the English language, and it challenges right from the beginning the vicious racism which lies near the foundations of the Irish Free State and of the Irish republic.


I never believed that Israel had the right to exist at all.

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