You and I will meet again, When we're least expecting it, One day in some far off place, I will recognize your face, I won't say goodbye my friend, For you and I will meet again.

— Tom Petty

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Buy me a drink, sing me a song; take me as I come, cause I can't stay long.


Go after what you really love and find a way to make that work for you, and then you'll be a happy person.


Do something you really like, and hopefully it pays the rent.

As far as I'm concerned, that's success.


You belong somewhere you feel free.


The waiting is the hardest part, every day you get one more yard.

You take it on faith, you take it to the heart, the waiting is hardest part.


You were the one who made things different, you were the one who took me in.

You were the one thing I could count on, above all, you were my friend.


Songwriting ability is a gift. After a while, you come to realize, "I've really been blessed. I can write these things and it makes me happy, and it makes millions of people happy." It's an obligation, it's bigger than you. It's the only true magic I know. It's not pulling a rabbit out of a hat; it's real. It's your soul floating out to theirs.


Most things I worry about never happen anyway.


You need eagles wings to get over things that make no sense in this world.


Where the sky begins, the horizon ends, despite the best intentions.


Yeah and it's over before you know it It all goes by so fast Yeah the bad nights take forever And the good nights don't ever seem to last


Time to move on, time to get going. What lies ahead I have no way of knowing. But under my feet, baby, grass is growing.


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I think watching the TV news is bad for you.

It is bad for your physical health and your mental health.


I've got a room at the top of the world tonight. I can see everything tonight.


She's a good girl, crazy about Elvis, loves horses, and her boyfriend, too.


I developed a problem with authority.

Any time that authority was what I interpreted as being unjust, I stood up to it, and that became my personality.


Any time you're making a living at what you love to do, you're blessed.


I don't understand the ones that have no sense of hope and invest in hate.

That's not gonna work out, you know? It's a waste of your time!


Redemption comes to those who wait, forgiveness is the key.


If you're not getting older, you're dead.


Even the losers get lucky sometimes!


I'm barely prolific and incredibly lazy.


Sometimes life, will get you down, break your heart, steal your crown.


I always tell my kids, "Find something that you love and within that you'll find some job that you can do and you'll always be happy. You'll go to a job that you want to go to."


I don't believe in censorship, but I do believe that an artist has to take some moral responsibility for what he or she is putting out there.


God, it's so painful when something that's so close is still so far out of reach.


It's funny how the music industry is enraged about the Internet and the way things are copied without being paid for. But you know why people steal the music? Because they can't afford the music.


You believe what you want to believe


'Free Fallin'' is a very good song. Maybe it would be one of my favorites if it hadn't become this huge anthem. But I'm grateful that people like it.


At twilight time the smog makes a rainbow.


What I've learned about marriage: You need to have each other's back;

you have to be a kind of team going through life.


You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won't back down.


Excuse me if I have/some place in my mind/where I go time to time.


A rebel without a clue.


If you don't run, you rust.


And the days went by like paper in the wind.

Everything changed, then changed again. It's hard to find a friend. It's hard to find a friend.


I don't treat the band like I'm above them or that they're a hired hand for me.

We've never worked that way. So I'm a team player. I would be very uncomfortable having to do this alone.


I'm always having fun. Playing is fun. Music is fun.


Let's get to the point Let's roll another joint


How about a cheer for all those bad girls! And all those boys that play that rock 'n' roll! They love it like you love Jesus.


There goes your freedom of choice, there goes the last human voice.


If you listen long enough you can hear my skin grow tough love is painful to the touch must be made of stronger stuff.


I should have known right then it was too good to last, God, it's such a drag when you're livin' in the past


If you stretch your imagination, I'll tell you all a tale, about a time when everything wasn't up for sale.


I think for it to be hip to be idealistic is weird, you know? I mean, even all the best rebels to me, had some sense of hope in them.


Just wonderin', waitin', worryin' about some silly little things, that just don't add up to nothin'.


At the end of the day, you're just phonograph records.


I like a good beer. Of course, I'll drink a bad one too. Let no person thirst for lack of real ale! Thank god for long-necked bottles, the angel's remedy.


I don't think it's a good attitude in your life to feel that you have to be rich to have self-esteem.