Our guiding principle was that design is neither an intellectual nor a material affair, but simply an integral part of the stuff of life, necessary for everyone in a civilized society.

Walter Gropius on affair

A modern, harmonic and lively architecture is the visible sign of an authentic democracy.

Walter Gropius on architecture

Specialists are people who always repeat the same mistakes.

Walter Gropius on mistakes

Only work which is the product of inner compulsion can have spiritual meaning.

Walter Gropius on compulsion

Architects, painters, and sculptors must recognize anew and learn to grasp the composite character of a building both as an entity and in its separate parts. Only then will their work be imbued with the architectonic spirit which it has lost as salon art. Together let us desire, conceive, and create the new structure of the future, which will embrace architecture and sculpture and painting in one unity and which will one day rise toward heaven from the hands of a million workers like the crystal symbol of a new faith.

Walter Gropius on architecture

Architecture begins where engineering ends.

Walter Gropius on architecture

If your contribution has been vital there will always be somebody to pick up where you left off, and that will be your claim to immortality.

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About Walter Gropius

Name Walter Gropius
Quotes 7 quotations
Nationality German
Profession Architect
Birthday May 18, 1883
About Walter Adolph Georg Gropius was a German architect and founder of the Bauhaus School, who, along with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright, is widely regarded as one of the pioneering masters of modern architecture.
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