My inspiration is always love and history, and my passion to a fault is craftsmanship and responsibility. Those are the simplest things. It goes beyond jewelry. It's every part of my life.

— Waris Ahluwalia

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My mission in life is to preserve craftsmanship.


I travel a lot, and I hunt for fabrics, then I have the tailor make me something.


I love driving in the city at night.


I wouldn't know how to think inside the box because I don't even know where it is. I wouldn't know how to do it any other way.


People who know me know that theres a light-hearted side, humour.

.. But you could easily say I am cheeky.


I have always had a sense of curiosity and aspiration.


I create with my heart, so life and work inevitably intersect all too often.


I'm driven by history and our past. That's why I work in gold. It's in your veins. We've been lusting after gold since the beginning of time. God, glory, and gold.


My inspiration is love and history.


I like the pause that tea allows


My friends are a huge part of my inspiration.


I just want to create, and socializing is part of the experience.

It might sound crazy, but I don't see myself in the jewelry business. It's an experience.


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It's beyond my control how I'm perceived.

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