A man’s doubts and fears are his worst enemies. He can go ahead and do anything as long as he believed in himself.

— William Wrigley, Jr.

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An island Utopia in a modern, busy, everyday world.

A land where there are neither rich nor poor. A heaven on earth - without a fence around it.


Life and business are rather simple after all-to make a success of either, you've got to hang on to the knack of putting yourself into the other person's place.


Advertising is our printed salesman. It may not be pretty, but it has to be true.


Excellent value relative to the week investment of time.

...To my mind, this is the definitive course on leadership.


I market for the same reason a pilot keeps his engines running once he is off the ground.


Nothing is so much fun as business. I do not expect to do anything but work as long as I can stand up.


Success is not easy. But it is worth the price.


A man's doubts and fears are his worst enemies.


Make a Fair Product for a Fair Price, then Tell the World.


A few yes men may be born, but mostly they are made. Fear is a great breeder of them.