You are my koala bear, and I am your tree.

— Zoe Sugg

The most relaxing Zoe Sugg quotes that are glad to read

For every sad thing you think of, you should think of three happy things to chase it away.


I've decided that I'm not going to try to squeeze myself into a friendship that hurts me anymore. I'm going to let her go and just be friends with people who make me feel good about myself.


Sometimes you have to face up to your fears to realize that they aren't actually real.


Just say yes, just say there's nothing holding you back.


Every time you post something online you have a choice.

You can either make it something that adds to the happiness levels in the world-or you can make it something that takes away.


The second I walked into the first interview with Harry & Niall, Harry immediately came bounding up to me asked me my name, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and asked if i’d like a drink or a chocolate bar from the fridge. Having only 8 minutes with each group, he probably knew I couldn’t sit munching on a chocolate bar, but he gave me the tour of his fridge nonetheless, and I did take a Daim bar.